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Why Sleeping On The Floor Is Good

If You Do Regular Workouts

Published: May 8th 2020

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There’s more to getting a great workout into your schedule than switching up your exercises every so often and working with a personal trainer. To get the most out of any great fitness routine, you need to prep yourself for success. That means getting plenty of rest and a good night’s sleep before and after each session.

For most people, the idea of a good night’s sleep will be accompanied by a comfy bed complete with cozy pillows and blankets. However, if you’re looking to ramp up your workout, sleeping on the floor could be a good alternative. Today, we’re going to explore why sleeping on the floor is ideal for the fitness enthusiast or athlete in training.

1.    It Reduces Pain

It’s hard to get pumped up for a great workout schedule if you wake up each morning already feeling terrible. The wrong bed can easily cause problems with everything from neck and back pain, to aches in your hips. This is particularly common when you have a particularly soft bed, as the cushioned surface won’t provide enough support for your spine.

Sleeping on the floor could reduce your chances of pain in various points of your body. If you wake up feeling refreshed, rather than achy and sore, you’ll be able to push yourself harder in the gym and reach your goals faster!

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2.    It Improves your Posture

A lot of people agree that sleeping on the floor can make a massive difference to your posture. A hard floor aligns your hips and shoulders, while keeping your spine in a natural, curved position. This means that you’re less likely to end up with problems caused by imbalanced muscles and misaligned bones.

Improved posture reduces your risk of issues like trapped nerves, but it can also help you to be a better athlete too. Whether you’re lifting weights, running, or working on your abs, posture will always be crucial to an effective workout. The less you slouch, the more you’ll achieve the next time you visit the gym. Just remember that you’ll still need to practice your form to achieve your fitness goals.

3.    It Boosts Your Energy

Finally, sleeping on the floor could also improve your chances of feeling more rested by the time that you wake up. People who sleep on the floor are more likely to feel ready and raring to go in the morning. Sometimes, sleeping in your bed can be too comfortable, which means that you have a greater chance of hitting the snooze button than getting up and starting your workout.

When you’re sleeping on the floor, you can improve your chances of getting the right quality of sleep without tempting yourself to stay in bed for too long. Although it can take a little while to get used to the change, once you’re committed to your floor-sleeping ritual, you could find that you’re more capable of sticking to your workout routine.

Should You Sleep on the Floor?

Sleeping on the floor won’t be the right choice for everyone. People with injuries in their muscles or joints or those who suffer from other long-term issues might find that a hard surface aggravates their problems, rather than fixing them. However, if you talk to a doctor and they tell you it’s safe to give a night on the floor a try, it might be worth experimenting.

It will take some time for you to feel as cozy on the floor as you did in your bed, but the millions of people using this strategy in the Eastern world prove that it can be done!


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