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Curtis Hoyt, DC


How and when did you start training?

I started training when I was 8. I got some of my ribs broken by bullies. Obviously, I had no clue what I was doing, but I did bench press all night long in my bedroom while everyone else slept.

How many days a week do you train and
what is your routine?

My training routine varies depending on my goals. If my diet is solid and I'm cutting, I work out 7x week, just working one bodypart each day to complete failure. If I’m bulking, I will workout 4x week and work chest, tri and shoulder one day, and biceps, back, legs the other and just flip back and froth between those groups. I usually do at least 3 exercises, the first one I do sets of 5, the second 8-12, and the final one 40-100 reps. I don't do cardio... I believe its counter productive to obtaining a lean and still muscular body.

What does your diet consist of when
getting in peak condition?

Basically, I'm almost vegetarian when in peak condition. For breakfast and lunch, I have meal replacement shake, and then for dinner, I pick one organic veggie to cook with my salad. From time to time, I'll add eggs or chicken but I keep them to a minimum.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

I try not to look at them as cheat meals, always thought they gave me the mindset that I was "punishing myself or missing out" if I had to cheat. Basically, once the diet is dialed in. I don't have cheat meals and don't miss or crave anything.

How do you managed to stay motivated?

Motivation is tough before and after pictures and working hard enough to make progress in them is my motivation. The mind can play some funny tricks on you when you're working hard and you might not realize the improvements you are making being able to see them in the pics really gets you going again!

What is your greatest bodybuilding/fitness
achievement so far?

Setting drug free world powerlifting records when I was 19 in the bench press, deadlift and total.

What are your future goals?

My future goals are to gain some size and then get back down to my lowest bodyfat ever, while maintaining that size ultimately to get a magazine cover or and endorsement from a supplement company.

Who is your favourite bodybuilder?

Arnold when he was rocking it.

What would be your top 3 tips for anyone
wanting to get CutAndJacked?

  1. Realize that there is no "perfect" workout for everyone.
  2. The hardest part is showing up and knowing what you want, if you can get that down, then everyday is a step closer in the right direction.
  3. Diet dictates results.

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