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Importance of Sleep

to Your Health

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Just like eating and exercising is important to the body, so is sleep. After a whole day working, a good night's sleep is crucial. Sleep helps your body feel refreshed and recharged every time you wake up. Sleep also helps your body remain healthy and kicks out diseases. Did you know that the brain cannot function properly if you have not had enough sleep? The article below will show you the benefits sleep have on your body.

Benefits of sleep

Here are reasons why good sleep is important.

High body weight

Poor sleep is linked with high body weight gain. People who don't get enough sleep gain more weight than those who get enough sleep. Short sleep patterns also bring about obesity. The effect of sleep on weight gain results from many factors such as hormones and lack of proper exercises. If you get the best king mattress, some of your sleep issues might be over.

Good sleepers eat few calories

Studies have shown that people who experience trouble with sleep tend to have an increased appetite and eat more. Sleep deprivation is associated with a high appetite increase that results in obesity.

Improve productivity and concentration

As seen above, sleep is important for the brain to function properly. Good sleep improves concentration, productivity, and performance. When your brain is refreshed, it can function properly with ease. Good sleep has been shown to improve trouble solving skills in both children and adults.

Maximize athletic performance

Good sleep and enough sleep can maximize performance in people in athletics. A study on basketball players has shown that longer periods of sleep increased their speed, mental well-being, reaction time, and accuracy.

In older women, less sleep duration has been linked to poor exercise performance and functional limitation.

Greater risk of stroke and heart diseases

Sleep duration and quality have major effects on your health. Some of the factors pose a greater risk to your health, like stroke and chronic diseases like heart diseases.

People who sleep for seven to eight hours are less likely to experience heart diseases than those who don't get enough sleep.


Lack of enough sleep is linked to depression. Those people who don't get enough sleep tend to use the time to think about many things concerning their lives—lack of sleep can result in depression. When one is depressed, suicidal thoughts are likely to pop out. It is advisable to have enough sleep to avoid getting to depression.

If you are having trouble sleeping, it is advisable to seek help from a professional like a doctor and solve it. Parents can sleep train their children to have a night of quality sleep for good health.

Enough sleep improves how the immune system works

Bad sleep habits have been shown to lower how your immune system works. A low immune system results in high chances of getting diseases like flu, heart diseases, and diabetes, among other diseases. Study shows that people who sleep for less than seven hours are three times more likely to develop a cold than those who sleep for eight hours plus.

Poor emotions and social interactions

Lack of enough sleep decreases your ability to interact socially. These tests and studies used emotional facial recognition tests. When you have not had enough sleep, you tend to be grumpy and, most of the time, angry.

According to research, poor sleeping habits can affect how you process emotions like anger and happiness.

These are just some of the benefits enough sleep has on your body. If you need your body to function properly, then spare enough time for that sleep you need so much.

Healthy lifestyle and sleeping habits you can implement

If you have trouble having a good night's sleep, then these lifestyle habits will help.

  • Have a bedtime routine that you will strictly follow even on weekends
  • Have a comfortable sleep environment like good mattress and pillows
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and large meals when you are going to bed
  • Exercise during the day, so your body can be relaxed when it is time for bed
  • If possible, take a shower before going to bed for your body to relax

These are some of the habits you can implement every day to have a healthy sleep pattern.

As you have seen above, sleep is very important for your body and brain to function well. On average, an adult should sleep for roughly seven to eight hours for proper health.

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