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How to Prepare Your

Gym for COVID-19

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The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the world. This is especially true for gyms all over the world. The Coronavirus can be transmitted through fluids. An infected person can sneeze or spit on a surface and spread the disease. This also goes for sweat, which makes gyms a hazard zone. Gyms can get cramped and people sweat a lot during workouts. This type of environment is a great breeding ground for the Coronavirus. And because of this many gyms have suffered great loss. In the past few months, a good number of gyms have closed down due to canceled memberships. However, as dire as things may seem, gyms can still survive and even thrive during the pandemic. You just need to follow the right precautions. Here are 7 Tips on how to prepare your gym for Covid-19.

1.  Stay in contact with old clients

First things first, there will be times where your gym has to close down temporarily. This can be a scary time for gym owners because you never know whether or not your clients will come back. They may feel that it is too dangerous to risk going to the gym. This is why you should make it your top priority to stay in contact with old clients and reassure them that your gym is 100% safe. Send regular emails that ensure clients that your gym is still up and running. You could also offer virtual gym classes such as taebo, pilates, martial arts, etc. This may seem challenging at first, but the continuity of your gyms depends on your client’s continued patronage.


2.  Provide hand sanitizer stations

As it was stated earlier, the main means of transmission for the virus is through infected fluids such as spit, phlegm, or sweat. Coronavirus can easily spread through hand-to-hand bacterial transmission. This is why you should install hand sanitizer stations on key areas around your gym. This will allow gym members to frequently sterilize their hands during workouts. 

One of the challenges of providing hand sanitizers consistently is that there can be eventual shortages. This is why you need a steady supply of hand sanitizers. One way to do this is to make your own hand sanitizers.  There is a myriad of high shear inline mixers for sale. These machines give you the ability to create your own hand sanitizers. Best of all you can customize your hand sanitizers according to your needs.

3.  Frequently sanitize your gym equipment

Aside from providing your gym members with hand sanitizers, it is also important that you sanitize your gym equipment as much as possible. Always have cleaning tools on hand. That way, once a gym member finishes using the gym equipment, he or she could wipe it clean. 

Your staff should also be on hand to clean key areas throughout the gym. Areas such as showers, locker rooms, and the waiting area should be cleaned and sanitized frequently throughout the day. The same goes for yoga mats, boxing gloves, and other equipment where the user’s sweat can soak into the material. 

This may seem excessive and tedious, but remember that the lives of your gym members are in your hands. Thus it is your job to make your establishment as safe as possible.


4.  Actively look for new clients

Aside from keeping tabs on your old clients, it is also important to actively look for new ones. This may be a difficult task, but it is hardly an impossible one. You just need to push a bit further. There are many ways you can reach out to new clients. You can send out weekly email blasts. You can tweet about your gym. Friends and other members can also post comments and ads through their Facebook accounts about your gym.

You can also offer great discounts and free sessions. While doing marketing, just remember that there will always be people who want to exercise, despite the situation. It is your job to seek them out and give them the best service possible.


5.  Limit number of gym users per day

One of the best ways to prevent a Coronavirus outbreak in your gym is to limit the number of gym users per day.  By limiting the number of gym users, you are making your gym less crowded. Thus people will have more space to go about their workouts without having to get in each other’s way. This also makes it easier to clean and sanitize the equipment. This may have disgruntled some members who have to wait their turn. However, in this new normal, we all have to adapt. 


6.  Have your members bring the right gear

The responsibility of staying safe does not only fall upon you. It is also the member’s responsibility to follow the rules and bring the right gear. Your members should bring their own face masks, lifting gloves, and towels. Lifting gloves will provide added protection and also allow members to work out more effectively. Face masks will provide protection to the face, in case other members accidentally sneeze or spit nearby. 


7.  Stay vigilant

These precautions are hard to maintain, and there may be a chance that you and your staff will get complacent in the long run. This is why, as early as day one you should instill a sense of vigilance in your staff and members. Constantly remind them of the rules. Don’t be afraid to give penalties to people who don’t follow them. The Coronavirus is an ever-present threat. It is your job to stay as vigilant as ever.



The gym business has been struggling these past few months. luckily, you are armed with the knowledge to turn things around. Now you can run your gym with efficiency and confidence.


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