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Posted 02 May 2020 by CutAndJacked.com

Problem: Why Some People

LOOK Fat that Arent

"It may be the most harmless activity known to man, but it's also one of the biggest dangers to your health."

Published: May 2nd 2020

Training, Pain & Injury Prevention, Hip Flexors
Posted 01 May 2020 by CutAndJacked.com

CutAndJacked.com interview:

Melissa Sarah Wee

"I know that if I slack off, it will only cause me to feel worse. You need to get into a routine and that's the first step to keeping on track" - Melissa Sarah Wee

Published: May 1st 2020

Interviews, Female Athletes & Models, Female
Posted 30 April 2020 by Sarah Peterson

No Weights No Problem: How To

Build Muscle At Home Without Weights

"You can build muscle at home without weights by investing in resistance bands instead. Bodyweight exercises can be effective for strength and muscle development, but the exercises available are limited compared to the universal use of bands." - Sarah Peterson

Published: April 29th 2020

Training, Bodyweight Training
Posted 29 April 2020 by Erik Neil

Top 10 Benefits of

Elliptical Machine Workouts

Top 10 Benefits of Elliptical Machine Workouts

Published: April 29th 2020

Training, Cardio
Posted 24 April 2020

The Best CBD-Infused

Green Smoothie Recipe

"There are even more interesting ways to enjoy CBD and it revolves making a delicious infused green smoothie. If you like to make a smoothie every other morning, a CBD smoothie is a superb option."

Published: April 24th 2020

Nutrition, Recipes
Posted 24 April 2020 by Albert David

No-Equipment Exercises

To Develop Your Legs

"We have come up with a list of exercises that you can do to develop your legs without any equipment."

Published: April 24th 2020

Training, Bodyweight Training, Leg Training
Posted 22 April 2020

Butt And Booty

Exercises for Firmer Glutes

These simple workouts will reward you with firmer glutes and you can even do them at home! Pick at least four of these exercises, do them four times a week and soon you will begin to see some positive changes in your butt area.

Published: April 22nd 2020

Training, Female Specific Training, Female, Female based articles
Posted 20 April 2020

Guide: Workout Program

You Can Do at Home

"Gym-goers are stuck at home and some of them are worried they might lose their sacrificed gains. But, with the mentioned workout programs, it may be helpful and proactive for you while staying at home."

Published: April 20th 2020

Training, Workouts
Posted 18 April 2020 by Lucy Wyndham

Tips To Successfully Launch

Your Own Fitness Business

"Being a qualified fitness instructor, having a passion for fitness, and being in good shape is a great start for running your own fitness business, but it won’t be enough by itself." - Lucy Wyndham

Published: April 18th 2020

Other basics, Training
Posted 18 April 2020

Alternative Workouts To Stay

In Shape During The Pandemic

Here are some exercises you can do right at home in the middle of your living room, and all you need is a workout mat. -

Published: April 18th 2020

Training, Other basics, Training Technique


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