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Home Gym: 10 Benefits To

Working Out At Home

Published: Mar 16th 2020

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1. Hygiene

If you work out at home or have a home gym you control the environment and the cleanliness.  No need to worry about contagious diseases and viruses. No need to wipe away the residue sweat from multiple other gym users, or be concerned with unhygienic changing-rooms or showers.


2. Save money

Gym memberships can get quite expensive these days. Home bodyweight workouts are free and even if you invest in a range of gym equipment for home use in the long-run this will save you money avoiding the monthly gym fees.


3. Train whenever you want

Not all gyms are open 24 hours, your home is.  This can be very convenient as you can workout at hours that fit your schedule and lifestyle.


4. Train how you want

You may want to try out or train in an unconventional manner without the peering eyes and potential cameras of a busy gym, training at home you can indeed train how you want.

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5. Wear what you want

Most gyms will not allow you to wear what you want, whether it's summer and you want to train in with no shirt or you want to lift first thing in the morning in your pajamas, it's your choice if you workout at home.


6. Increased focus

Gyms can be social environments but that can come with distractions. Sometimes you may want to avoid the chat and focus on your workout goals solely, training at home your home gym is the perfect way to focus on your workout and minimize those distractions.

7. Never wait for equipment

Busy gyms can hinder your plans. If you have the right equipment at home you will no longer have to waste time waiting for a free bench or squat rack. Doing supersets, drops sets and giant sets all become much easier when you don't have to share equipment. (Awesome gym equipment can be found at )


8. Play your music

Sometimes the music in your commercial gym may not be to your taste. At home, you can play the music of your choice from speakers without the extra burden of wear headphones.


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9. Faster Workouts

You can get in a complete and fast workout at home as you can plan each exercise without someone getting in your way, chatting to fellow gymgoers or sharing/waiting for equipment.


10. Slower workouts

At home, there's no one asking "how many sets do you have left?" so there's no need to feel pressured to work through your sets fast.  At home, you can take as long as you want. 


Traveling to the gym takes time and may cost you money. Having a home gym or simply having the right equipment to train means no time, energy and money will be wasted on traveling to the gym leading to a more efficient workout and lifestyle.

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