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Kassandra Gillis

Published: May 14th 2020

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1. How and when did you first get started training?

I was always athletic growing up until my teen years. In my early twenties I had my son and gained some baby weight. I then started home workouts and it grew from there! 

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2.  How has the global pandemic changed your lifestyle and fitness routine? Have you managed to stay consistent with your workouts?

I’ve stayed fairly consistent during these times. I have barbells and dumbbells and have managed to make a few things to get a decent workout in. I do find it harder training at home with my toddler right now, it was a lot easier when he wasn’t as mobile! 

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3.  What advice would you give to anyone struggling to stay fit and motivated during this time?

Find something that motivates you. An exercise that excites you. Maybe a new gym outfit, the hardest part is starting the workout, once you get moving I find it much easier. It’s a mental thing for sure. You can always be motivated. Sometimes it just comes down to discipline.

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4.  Do you do cardio?

I do steady-state when I’m prepping for a competition and every other day in the offseason. I  prefer doing HIIT cardio because it’s something I enjoy, so I tend to do more of that in my offseason.

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5.  What does your nutrition consist of?

Oats, rice, potatoes, sprouted grain bread, chicken, steak, ground beef,  Allmax Isoflex protein powder

6.  Do you listen to music while you train?

Sometimes I do when I need a boost in motivation, I listen to everything depending on my mood. Sometimes I workout with out music and just really focus on the mind to muscle connection.

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7.  What are your short and long-term gym-related goals?

My focus is my shoulders and back right now, my long term goal is to step on the Olympia stage some day.

8.  Who are your top three favorite athletes or fitness models?

  • Vivi Winkler 
  • Lauren Simpson
  • My coach Ron Partlow 

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9. How often do you usually train a week and what does your workout routine consist of?

5-6 days, my current split is back/bis, chest/tris, legs/glutes, shoulders/calves. 

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10.  What supplements do you use if any?

Multivitamins, BCAAS, sometimes pre-workout/fat burners, Cytogreens, wheatgrass, protein powder.

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11.  What 3 tips would you give to anyone wanting to achieve their best physique?

  1. Find a training split that works for you.
  2. Trust the process and get it done.
  3. The days you don’t want to workout and the hardest reps are the ones that count the most.


Kassandra Gillis

Location: British Columbia Canada
Height: 5”5
Weight: stage - 136lb / off-season - 148lb
Year born: 1994

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Instagram @kassgfit

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