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Lauren Christine Frahn

How and when did you start training?

I started training hard about eight years ago after graduating from college (Has it REALLY been that long since I graduated?!? )

In regards to weight training, can you give us an overview of a typical week?

Day 1:
Shoulders/Abs (Emphasis on Upper Abs)
Day 2:
Legs (Emphasis on Quads)
Day 3:
Arms (Tris/Bis)
Day 4:
Day 5:
Back/Abs (Emphasis on Lower Abs/Obliques)
Day 6:
Legs (Emphasis on Hamstrings/Glutes)
Day 7:

Everyone is different. Many people will take a day or two off, but for me it is rare, unless my body tells me to do so, at which point I listen there is just something about training that gets me going first thing in the morning, I feel lethargic without my morning workout!

How much and what types of cardio do you do?

As mentioned above, I do cardio about 1 - 2 times per week, depending on how I feel. I prefer to do plyometrics because they are much more "fun" for me instead of simply doing the treadmill or elliptical, which tends to get boring quite quickly for me ....again, everyone is different. I know certain people who absolutely love to hit the treadmill and just run for miles and miles, but I cannot say that I fit that description for me, variety is key!

What are the contents of your fridge?

I keep my fridge pretty healthy. It most likely looks like a standard fitness model's refrigerator...chicken, flank steak, eggs, lots of water, PowerAde Zero, Cottage Cheese, Veggies, canned pumpkin, Sugar-free Jell-O & Whipped cream for my INCREDIBLE SWEET TOOTH!
I do allow myself a cheat meal at least once or twice a week (when not preparing for a shoot), but I prefer to not keep those ingredients inside of the house! Not that I would eat it all of the time if it was because I definitely have insanely strong will power, but why dangle that carrot?! (Oh...and by carrot, I mean carrot cake!) HA!

What is your favourite healthy food?

Breakfast is my favourite -- Protein Oatmeal! Wish I could eat it every meal!

Favourite cheat food?

PIZZA and COOKIES and ICE CREAM and CAKE and... Oh, just one?

Who are your favourite figure competitors,
athletes or fitness models?

Wow, this is tough...there are SO many that deserve SO much credit! To name just a twin sister, Alli Frahn! Gregg Plitt, Jamie Eason, Mike O'Hearn, Ava Cowan, Whitney Reid,  Alicia Marie, Amber Elizabeth Dodzweit, and Annette Milbers...
.. oh and NEW YORK GIANTS!! Ha! I am a die-hard football fan.

What is your best body part?

I am the wrong person to ask this! Ha! I always can find room for improvement...I guess that is what drives me! If I HAD to answer, I would say my arms or my abs.

…And your best body part in a man?

Long walks in the park... LOL
Okay, okay, okay....this is not a dating ad, :)!

What is the number one philosophy you live by?

In terms of attitude, The Golden Rule:
Treat and Love Others the same way you want to be loved and treated.

In terms of my goals/dreams/aspirations:

What 3 tips would you give to any woman wanting to get a feminine, CutAndJacked physique like yours?

  1. Don't give up!
  2. Don't be afraid to train HARD and lift weights!
  3. DON'T GIVE UP!!
  4. HARD WORK and Persistence pays off....I promise!

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