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Butt And Booty

Exercises for Firmer Glutes

Published: April 22nd 2020

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We all want to look amazing on the beach and be proud of our bodies. If you are not a stranger to working out, you are surely aware of the fact that targeting glutes and burning fat can be difficult. Therefore, it is never too soon to start exercising and sculpting those muscles! These simple exercises will reward you with firmer glutes and you can even do them at home! Pick at least four of these exercises, do them four times a week and soon you will begin to see some positive changes in your butt area.

The bridge

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For this exercise, you will need to lie on your back, bend your knees and lift your hips so your body forms a straight line from your knees to your head. Make sure you are lifting with your hips, not your chest, otherwise you can strain your back. This exercise is not just great for your butt, but also for your abs. If it seems too easy you can always place a resistance band around your knees.


Single leg bridge

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When you have mastered the bridge exercise, you can move on to the single-leg bridge. Instead of placing both feet on the ground, you should extend one leg and lift yourself off the floor using the other one. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.


Stair climbing

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A simple activity such as climbing the stairs can work your glutes and help you get a firmer butt. If you live in a house without any stairs you can use a tread climber to achieve your goal. This hybrid cardio machine is quite effective in this region, so if it’s still not a part of your home gym equipment consider getting one of these affordable tread climbers.  It works as a stair climber, and also as a treadmill so it delivers both an aerobic and a strength-building exercise.


Fire hydrant

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You know how male dogs lift their one leg when they are peeing on the fire hydrant (or a tree)? Well, this exercise looks exactly like that! You start on all fours and then lift one leg up to the side without shifting your torso. Make sure your back is completely straight and do not arch it. Repeat the exercise with the other leg. Although this workout is pretty simple, it can do wonders for your glutes.


Donkey kick

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This exercise is similar to the fire hydrant, but instead of lifting the leg to the side, you should lift one heel towards the ceiling. Keep your knee bent and do not arch your back. Also, make sure you initiate the movement from your glutes because this exercise should be about activating those muscles, not about how high you can lift your foot.


Hip thrust

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This exercise needs to be a part of your workout routine if you wish to build your glutes and have a firm butt. Place the lower part of the shoulder blades on the edge of your bed or couch and put your feet below your knees. With your knees bent push through the heels to lift your hips up. Since this exercise forces your butt to work against gravity it will really activate your glutes.


Single leg hip thrust

If you want to challenge yourself, do the previous exercise, but with one leg in the air, so the other one has to do all the lifting. The hardest part is to keep your hips leveled so that they do not fall towards one side.

Instead of squatting like crazy this spring, include these exercises into your workout routine and welcome summer with a firmer booty.


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