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Blood Type Dieting 101 -

All You Need To Know

The blood type diet is a diet plan that is sometimes used in alternative medicine to help people lose weight and battle disease. Alternative medicine usually seeks to understand a person's biochemical individuality and tailor care to that.  The blood type diet is focused on the idea that your blood type dictates which foods you should eat to maintain your health.

One marker that can potentially be used to assess the correct diet for your health and vitality is the four different blood groups. The diet's theory is that eating foods high in lectins that are incompatible with a person's blood type can lead to health problems like heart disease, kidney disease, or cancer. These arguments, however, are not backed up by empirical evidence.

Foods You Should Eat


For various blood types, the blood type diet emphasizes specific foods and workout programs. The diet emphasizes consuming whole foods and limiting processed foods, regardless of the blood type. Here's a closer look at the regimen that is prescribed:

  • Blood type A: According to this theory, blood type A individuals are predisposed to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Thus they are encouraged to embrace an organic vegetarian diet paired with some calming centering exercise, for example, yoga.
  • Blood type B:  Type B blood is characterized by a strong immune system and a tolerant digestive system, as well as being more adaptable than other blood types. They can indulge in moderate physical activity and balance exercises, as well as eat a "well-rounded" diet. People with type B are more vulnerable to autoimmune diseases like chronic fatigue, lupus, and multiple sclerosis, according to the diet's theory.
  • Blood Type AB: People with type AB blood have a more complex biological makeup than those with other blood types. These people benefit from a combination of type A and B exercises and diets, though meat consumption should be reduced. While this blood type is thought to have fewer allergies, heart disease, cancer, and anemia are all prevalent.
  • Blood type O: According to the blood type diet theory, people with type O blood benefit from vigorous physical activity and animal proteins, whereas dairy and grains can cause problems. Gluten, legumes, corn, and cabbage are all contributors to weight gain in people with this blood type. Asthma, hay fever, and other allergies, as well as arthritis, are all disorders linked to type O.

Valuable Insights

On the blood type diet, there are no meal or fasting times that must be adhered to. The strategy, however, recommends against drinking water or other drinks with meals because it dilutes natural digestive enzymes and makes food digestion more difficult.

  • People with blood type A, also known as the "cultivator," can eat a mostly vegetarian, dairy-free diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds.
  • People with blood type B, also known as "the nomad," can eat a wide variety of foods, such as fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy. However, they should avoid nuts and seeds.
  • People with blood type AB, also known as "the enigma," can eat any food that is prescribed for blood types A and B. However, a vegan diet is prescribed for this type.
  • People with blood type O, also known as "the hunter," can eat a dairy-free, grain-free diet that is high in meat, low in grains, and mild in fruits, eggs, nuts, and seeds.


On the blood type diet, no foods are strictly prohibited, although not all foods are helpful to various blood types. Each time you take up a new diet, it is recommended that you ensure the food is stored in appropriate packaging. For instance, if your diet plan has rice recommended in it, it would be recommended that you buy the appropriate bags from the best rice packaging bags manufacturers. The same applies to legumes, milk, eggs, meat, etc.

Highs and Lows Of the Diet


The Highs

Exercise is encouraged by the blood type diet. Regular exercise combined with a nutritious diet has been shown to help people lose weight and maintain their weight. However, there is no evidence that the blood-type diet is a good way to lose weight.

Each blood type diet stresses the importance of selecting whole foods over refined foods as a healthier option. For certain blood groups, the program also has a wide range of compliant foods, which can make it easier to adhere to.

Including the fact that each blood type has its own set of dietary restrictions, the plan is not a low-calorie diet with unhealthy caloric restrictions. Types B and AB diet plans are more well-rounded, and they can include most, if not all, of the nutrients needed for a well-balanced diet. The plans for types A and O, on the other hand, exclude some balanced food categories, which is not a good long-term eating strategy.

The Lows

It's not scientific to eat according to your blood type. A study published in the journal PLoS One in 2014 is among the available studies on the blood type diet. 5 A total of 1,455 people took part in the survey, to determine how much they ate those foods over a month.

Following a diet similar to the diet recommended for blood type A or blood type AB was correlated with lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, according to the researchers' review of the questionnaires.


Following a diet similar to that recommended for blood type O was linked to lower triglyceride levels (high levels of this blood fat have been linked with an increased risk of heart disease), whereas the blood type B diet had no such correlation.



Although the blood type diet can have some advantages in some situations, the most successful weight loss technique is widely considered to be a healthy regimen. It should incorporate reasonable calorie restriction with regular exercise. If you're thinking about trying this diet plan for weight loss or general health, consult a registered dietitian doctor or a medical doctor first.


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