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Posted 25 February 2020 by

Motivation: Best Of Tyson Fury

Quotes, Photos And Clips

“I’ve been in crisis situations, I've been down, I've been hurt, I've been behind on the scorecards, and I've had to pull that shot out to knock somebody out. I've been in all kinds of situations and still come out on top.” - Tyson Fury

Published: Feb 25th 2020

Training, Best Of...
Posted 23 February 2020 by Tyler Read

Beginners Guide To Calisthenics

For Fitness Training

"One remarkable feature of calisthenics is that you do not need the use of much equipment to undergo training. The pushing, pulling, lifting and lunging you’ll engage in require little or no machine to function."

Published: Feb 23rd 2020

Training, Bodyweight Training
Posted 18 February 2020

Calisthenics Vs. Crossfit: Weighing

The Pros And Cons Of Each

"At first glance they may look similar. But actually, they are marked by significant differences in approach, philosophy, and results."

Published: Feb 18th 2020

Training, Training Technique, Bodyweight Training
Posted 16 February 2020

Video - Jim Rohn: Without a

dream we are nothing

Video - Jim Rohn: Without a dream we are nothing (Success Motivation)

Published: Feb 15th 2020

Training, Motivation, Videos, Motivational Videos
Posted 14 February 2020 by

Oldschool Workout: Sergio

Oliva Triceps Workout

Oldschool Workout: Sergio Oliva Triceps Workout

Published: Feb 13th 2020

Training, Workouts, Male Workouts, Tricep Training
Posted 11 February 2020 by Julie Martines

Sport Injuries: 5 Tips For

Dealing With Sore Feet

"Having sore feet can be extremely irritating, attempting to walk and go about your daily business when each step induces pain is no fun for anyone." - Julie Martines

Published: Feb 11th 2020

Training, Pain & Injury Prevention
Posted 10 February 2020 by

Oldschool: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Shoulders Workout

Oldschool Workout: Arnold Schwarzenegger Shoulders Workout

Published: Feb 10th 2020

Workouts, Male Workouts, Training, Shoulder Training
Posted 06 February 2020 by Ben Mayz

Is Martial Arts Good for Getting

into Shape & Improving Fitness?

"Martial arts was the answer for me in both, keeping myself excited about going to the gym, and was and still is the main reason why I still find myself sticking to my 5 days a week habit of making it to the gym for over an hour." - Ben Mayz

Published: Feb 06th, 2020

Posted 17 December 2019 by

Best Of Lauren Drain Kagan

Quotes, Photos And Clips

“I love motivating others and seeing their results and happiness!” - Lauren Drain Kagan

Published: Dec 17th, 2019

Training, Best Of..., Female, Motivation
Posted 10 December 2019 by Elsie Doss

Breathing Technique: How

To Breathe Properly Running

"Pay attention to the following tips to establish a proper breathing technique when running."

Published: Dec 10th, 2019

Training, Training Technique, Tips, Cardio


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