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Posted 20 May 2020

3 Myths About Bodyweight

Training That Wont Die

There’s a ton of misinformation about bodyweight training, so let’s bust three of the biggest myths around this kind of training:

Published: May 20th 2020

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Posted 30 April 2020 by Sarah Peterson

No Weights No Problem: How To

Build Muscle At Home Without Weights

"You can build muscle at home without weights by investing in resistance bands instead. Bodyweight exercises can be effective for strength and muscle development, but the exercises available are limited compared to the universal use of bands." - Sarah Peterson

Published: April 29th 2020

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Posted 24 April 2020 by Albert David

No-Equipment Exercises

To Develop Your Legs

"We have come up with a list of exercises that you can do to develop your legs without any equipment."

Published: April 24th 2020

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Posted 29 March 2020 by Street Workout St Kilda

Calisthenics: The Future

Of Bodyweight Training

"The goal of calisthenics is to master movement. Yes, of course, there is a need for a basic level of strength that can only be achieved by smashing out repetitions. However, once you establish some basic strength, you will find new horizons." - Street Workout St Kilda

Published: Mar 29th 2020

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Posted 05 March 2020 by

Intense Quick Home Chest Workout

(No Equipment Needed)

Here's an intense quick chest workout that requires no equipment and will be sure to give you a pump.

Published: Mar 5th 2020

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Posted 23 February 2020 by Tyler Read

Beginners Guide To Calisthenics

For Fitness Training

"One remarkable feature of calisthenics is that you do not need the use of much equipment to undergo training. The pushing, pulling, lifting and lunging you’ll engage in require little or no machine to function."

Published: Feb 23rd 2020

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Posted 21 September 2014 by Alex Stuart

Hardcore Training Part 3:

5 week progressive program

"The 10-12-15-18-20 BLITZ training style is designed to be a 5 week progressive program" - Alex Stuart
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Posted 14 September 2014 by Alex Stuart

Hardcore Training Part 2:

The 21 to 15 to 9 Method

"You will perform 21 Reps of each exercise with no rest between sets, once you have finished each exercise you will start from the beginning performing 15 reps and so forth until the final set of 9 reps per exercise." - Alex Stuart
Training, Gain Muscle, Bodyweight Training, Exercises, Plateaus
Posted 10 September 2014 by Alex Stewart

Hardcore Training Part 1:

The 15 to 1 Method

This method of training is very deceiving. From your very first workout when you first hear about what is involved you will say to yourself “that doesn’t sound too bad” but once you begin and the reps start to add up you will soon see that you’re in for a killer workout. - Alex Stewart
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Posted 14 January 2014 by Tera Busker

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The Basics

"Many people think that in order to get in shape you need to buy the latest fitness gadget or spend all of your hard earned money on “the ONLY workout system that will get you fit”. Not true! Some of the most effective exercises are basic, require no equipment and best of all – FREE!" - Tera busker
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