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Detailed Workout Routine

By Mike Raso


1. Triple Set - 4 Sets

  • Incline Dumbell Press (20 degree angle on bench)- 6-10reps
  • Moderate Weight DB Incline Flyes – 15reps
  • Incline pushups (hands resting on corner of head of the bench) 15reps

2. Super Set - 4 Sets

  • Weighted Dips - 10-15reps
  • Pushups - 20reps (hands create diamond infront of you)

3. Single Arm DB Flat Bench PRESS SUPERSET with Regular DB FLAT DB Bench Press - 4 Sets 10 reps each

4. Pec - Deck machine 3 sets of 15 reps SUPERSET with Decline pushups-rest feet on bench of pec - deck, drop and hit the pushups(within shoulder width)

5. Cable Tower Tripe Set

  • Cables Flyes from top pulley- lean forward- stretch out infront of you
  • On knees, Cables Flyes from top pulley BUT this time bring handles down towards midsection STRAIGHT DOWN FLYES is the movement
  • From Bottom Pulley- bring cable handles up towards upper chest - keep arms tight


1. 3 Sets X 10 Reps - Lat Pulldowns Burnout with Lat pulldowns again (cut weight in half, 10 more)

2. 3 Sets X 12 - Failure Reps - Close Grip Pullups

3. 3 Sets X 20 Reps - Deadlifts - Concentrate on contraction at the top of movement - try your best to keep weight from hitting the ground, this will keep tension applied.

4. 3 Sets X 15 Reps - Under Hand Barbell Rows - hold and contract at top for 2 seconds

5. 3 Sets X 12 Reps - Lat Pulldown Machine Under Hand Grip Wider the Shoulder Grip - Hold for 2 second count at bottom movement

6. 3 Sets X 15 Reps - Under Hand Close Grip Lat Pulldown - Target lower lats - hold bar once it reaches chest for a tight contraction

7. 3 SetsX12Reps - Close Grip T-Bar Pulldown

8. 3 Sets X 10 Behind Neck Pulldown - use a lighter weight to contract these muscles, be careful with neck positioning.

9. 3 Sets X 10 Reps - Cable Rows - one arm at time

10. Wide Grip Pullups- 3 Sets X Failure


1. Dumbell Side Later Raises Superset with Rear Delts Reverse Raises (Lie chest down on incline bench)
3 Sets X 12 Each

2. Arnold Press Superset with DB Hammer Grip Front Raises (raises DB with hammer grip across your body, almost like a hammer curl but keep your arm tight) 3 Sets X 15 for Arnold Press + 3 Sets x 12 Hammer Raise

3. Cable Side Lateral Raise with pulley behind back Superset with Cable Upright Rows
3 Sets X 12 for Lateral Raise + 3 Sets X 20 Upright Rows

4. Rear Delt Flyes on Cable station Superset with Plate Twists (Hold out plate in front on you like a steering wheel, rotate left to right)
3 Sets X 15 for Arnold Press + 3 Sets x 30 Seconds for Twists

5. Leverage Shoulder press machine Superset with Bent Over Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise With Head On Bench
3 Sets X 12 for Shoulder Press + 3 Sets x 15 Rear Delt Raise

6. Plate Raises 3 Sets Until Failure



· Warmup - 2 Sets X 20 CABLE PUSHDOWN

1. Cable Pushdowns - 4 sets – 15/12/10/8 *Split rope at bottom of movement*

2. Close Grip Bench - 4 Sets- 12/10/8/6 *Keep arms close to side of your body*

3. Overhead D/B Extension Superset With D/B Kickbacks- --3 sets 12 each

4. Cable Extension Overhead --- 3 sets of 15 to failure *Split rope at top of movement, cable pulley from top of station*


· Warmup - 2 Sets X 20 Empty Bar Barbell curls

5. Big BAR Curls --- 5 sets – 12/10/8/6/6 *USE THE BIG BARBELL YOU BENCH WITH FOR MAX RESULTS*

6. Seated Hammer Curls --- 4 Sets- 10/10/10/10 *Elbow tight to your body*

7. Incline seated Curls with D/B - --3 sets of 12

8. Kneeling Cable Curls 3 sets of 20 to failure *Position handles on cable tower at the top of the station, position yourself on your knees and curl the handles towards your chin. Hold & squeeze at bottom of this movement to contract a bicep peak*


1. Squats- 5 Sets
Rep Range- 15/12/10/8/8

2. Hack Squats- 3 Sets SUPERSET W/Squat Jumps on Platform- (start in squat position-jump onto platform, jump backwards into starting position)
Rep Range- 10/10/10

3. Step Ups With DBs in hand or Flat Bar across back onto bench or platform, alternating legs- 3 Sets, Rep Range 10 per leg or 90 seconds duration

4. Leg Extensions Two Legs SUPERSET With Leg Curls [Two Legs]-3 Sets
Rep Range- 12/12/12

5. Leg Extensions One leg SUPERSET with Leg Curls [One Leg] - 3 Sets
Rep Range – 12/12/12

6. Sumo Deadlifts (Feet angled 45 degrees creating V shape) 3 Sets
Rep Range - 15


This is a full workout, 45min AB routine that targets hitting the abdominals from all areas, lower/side and top region. Concentration is focused on lower abdominals (the top region is always being hit in process).

If you are using weight and progressively adding per set then reps should be 10-12, when not using weight rep ranges switches to 25-30 reps. Rest time between sets also changes, when weight is involved allow yourself 30-40 seconds between sets like any other body part. With no weight, minimal rest between sets is needed.

1. 4 SETS - Hanging Knee Raises, curling hip-knees should be above chest level close to face
Super Set with Side Oblique Exercise

Exercise video:

2. 4 SETS- Leg Raise from bench or ground (If you are doing off ground drop pulley station to bottom level and attach ankle straps)

Exercise Video:

Super Set with Cable Crunch Down from Top Pulley Station

3. 4 SETS - Lying Leg Raises off ground- raise legs until your lower back raises off ground
SUPERSET- Medicine ball Twists off Decline Bench- 20 Reps aside

4. 3 Sets of AB Wheel Roll outs- (can use straight bar)- Reps 20
Superset – Mountain Climbers in air, hold yourself up on DIP station and start running with your feet suspended in the air

5. 3 SETS Knee raises from ground- lie on ground and grab medicine ball between your feet- bring your knees towards your chest- 15-20 REPS
SUPERSET with Lower Back Extensions- Concentration- mind/muscle connection to contract lower back and abs
TRIPLE SET- 1 Minute Planks

Interview with Mike Raso here: CutAndJacked-Interview-Mike-Raso

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