Posted 16 November 2011 by Tarna Alderman

Tarna Alderman's 10 Tips

To Transform Your Physique

1.) Setting Goals

Whether it’s growth, fat loss, a competition or health, define what your goals are. Set dates and backwards plan to that date. Map out your strategy to get there and refer back to it often. Write it down with all of your reasons to achieve your goal so you can remember why it’s important to you. Keep moving towards that goal. We all have roadblocks, set backs and hardships, you can't let those define you. Let what you do to overcome them define you. I have to say, whenever I have something standing in my way, it makes me fight that much harder to beat the odds, even though the easiest thing to do would be to quit.

2.) Keep a journal

Log your weight, body fat, your nutrition, calories and macro’s, lifting days, body parts trained and Cardio. This will not only keep you on track, help you stay organized and in control of your goals. This will show you that you are always improving, Always getting stronger, and when you see your self-stalling out, Help you push harder to break those plateaus. It will help you strategize what you should do differently, and what’s working for you.

3.) Discipline

Every single person I know has the motivation, everyone wants to look like a Greek god or goddess. What's Lacking is discipline. When you don't feel up for lifting, DO IT ANYWAY. Chances are once you’re at the gym you will feel up to it. Never talk yourself out of it. When that little devil sits on your shoulder and tells you your too tired or sore from the day before or lack of sleep... Brush him off and tie up those Nike's. Get your butt in gear and do what needs to be done.

4.) Education

EDUCATE YOURSELF!! I lost 100 lbs on my own; I was in bodybuilding forums, reading books and magazines, following sites like There is a world of information out there, don't hold yourself back by playing dumb. Look to people who have been there. When you find something that will work for you.. Stick to it. Give it time to work before you conclude that it doesn't work.

5.) Accountability

Hire a trainer, put your money where your mouth is. I am a trainer and I have hired trainers to keep me on track. Weekly pictures, check-in’s and stats are important to keep you on track! Chances are you wont miss your cardio and go grab some Ice cream when you have to send a picture to your Guru in a couple days!

6.) Be Independent

You are the only one who can reach your goals.... sure support is great... But don't rely on it... It may not always be there. Don't rely on a gym partner they might get sick.... Hold yourself accountable to getting it done; you need to be your own support in the gym and at home with your nutrition. This is your responsibility and no one else's, don’t expect others to conform.

7.) Plan Ahead.

Nutrition and Training needs to be planned and prepared. When you walk into the gym KNOW what you are doing and execute the plan. Know what you are doing for the week, How many cardio sessions your doing, body parts trained Etc... Knowing ahead what must be done will eliminate procrastination.
Prepare your meals in advance... I cook in bulk and reheat... I make 10 lbs of chicken and 5 lbs of fish and store those in containers, I make Rice and yams ahead of time... and keep those in separate containers, and the only thing I do not prepare ahead of time is veggies its sooooo simple and keeps me on track!

8.) Get Excited!

Envision what you will do when you reach your goals. Fitness is all about the journey. Its so much fun! Enjoy it! Even the worst days are rewarding. Keep yourself motivated with new supplements to try out, New shoes to wear... new lifts to explore, new recipes. Keep it fresh!

9.) Sleep

This is when your body does magic! Make Sure Your Resting up!!

10.) Enjoy

This is not torture... If you feel like it is.... Find a new hobby!!

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