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Sitting Too Much Causes

Quad Dominance

We have been told that “sitting is the new smoking”.

I don’t know if I would go that far, but most of us should probably move around more during the day.

One issue caused by sitting too much is quad dominance.

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This is due to the hip flexors shortening and the glutes completely relaxing while in a sitting position.

The glutes become lazy.

Eventually, this problem becomes so bad…

You won’t even be able to feel them during so-called “glute exercises” like the squat or deadlift.

Once you become “Quad Dominant” they will tend to takeover during almost every lower body movement.

The quads become stronger and the glutes don’t fire at all.

It’s a cycle that can get worse with time.

The solution is to do a glute exercise that takes the quads out of the movement.

Hip thrusts can accomplish this.

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...but this won’t provide enough resistance to build the powerful glute muscles.

Barbell hip thrusts work, but they require an Olympic bar and at least 100-200 pounds of weight.

The glutes require a lot of force in order to improve.

They are powerful muscles.

You aren’t really going to shape your glutes with bodyweight movements like this.

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The glutes need to contract hard.

This won’t get the job done.

One piece of equipment that does an incredible job is the kettlebell.

With certain kettlebell lifts, you get a strong BACKWARD horizontal pull.

You can’t really duplicate this with a dumbbell or barbell.

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Your glutes have to fire hard to reverse the backward momentum and propel the weight forward again.

Because you are reversing momentum…

You are actually applying a force up to 5-10 times the weight of the kettlebell.

A 20-pound kettlebell can weigh in excess of 100+ pounds, temporarily.

This type of kettlebell lift is called a “centripetal ballistic exercise”

The kettlebell wants to pull the body forward in the second half of the exercise.

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The glutes have to fire hard to resist this.

This a fantastic butt exercise.

It also strengthens up a lot of the muscles that become weak from sitting too much.

Best part is that it barely involves the quads.

This is incredible if you have had a hard time shaping your glutes in the past. This exercise can fix that problem.

This is just one aspect of the unique kettlebell

If you were forced to choose one piece of workout equipment it would be hard to beat the kettlebell.

Rusty Moore and Chris Lopez have created a Kettlebell Home Workout course that requires just one-single kettlebell.

This a 3-month program aimed specifically at torching body fat and sculpting the body without bulking up the thighs.

This was just released in the Fall of 2020.

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If you are training from home, this course gets our highest recommendation.


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Chris Lopez is one of the world’s top kettlebell experts.
He has trained with nothing but kettlebells since 2003.
He lives in a remote surfing village in Costa Rica.

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The exercise and workout videos from the course are all filmed on the beach where he lives.

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