Posted 05 March 2012 by Shaka Smith

Shaka Smith's Top Five Tips

To Staying Lean Year Round

1. Eat nature’s natural fat burners:

Eat nature’s natural fat burners: Add cinnamon, grapefruit, and asparagus. Studies have shown these foods to have natural fat burning effects on the body. Cinnamon works by increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin with 1g per day shown to be an effective dose. One study also showed that grapefruit, even in the absence of exercise lead study participants to lose weight. Similarly, Asparagus has been found to be effective for fat loss, containing the chemical asparagine, an alkaloid that breaks down fat. These are not all of nature’s fat burners. There are plenty of foods that can aid in achieving your best physique – do your research and turn to food first before looking to supplements.

2. Keep carbohydrates low/medium on
the glycemic index

Keep carbohydrates low/medium on the glycemic index: To stay lean or drop weight quick, limit your carbohydrates to those no higher than medium on the glycemic index. It is a system that measures the effect of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. The rapid spike in blood sugar levels from carbohydrates in the high range on the glycemic index is a leading indicator of obesity and chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. It is a lot more precise of a gauge than simply sticking to complex carbohydrates.

3. Cardio

Cardio: Physical activity every day is important. If you want to stay lean year round cardio is a must. Not only do you burn calories during cardio but your metabolism stays elevated afterwards – keeping it revved up is important to remaining lean.

4. Superset

Superset: Supersetting is a form of working out in which you perform several exercises at the same time; for instance, a back workout in between sets of chest press. Typically, it is best to superset opposing muscle groups, as the tightness of the opposing muscle group that would hinder the performance of the other muscle group is eliminated by working the muscles in tandem. The minimal rest keeps the heart rate and metabolism high further stepping on the gas when it comes to fat burning.

5. Eat 6 – 7 meals a day

Eat 6 – 7 meals a day: We are stuck in this mentality that the less one eats the skinnier or leaner they will be. The problem with this is the lack of food slows down the metabolism and leads to muscle wasting. Eating several times a day keeps the metabolism high and as long as your daily intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are balanced, you will get lean and retain muscle.

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