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Tribute: Best Of Rich Piana

quotes, photos and clips


“There’s no short cut. It’s hard work being a Bodybuilder. If you’re not willing to do the hard work, then it’s the wrong sport for you. You’ve got to love it. If you love it, you will get to where you want to be.” - Rich Piana


“Spending 8 hours in the gym is not everyones thing, but I love it” - Rich Piana


“There is no such thing as over training. You’re either under eating or under sleeping” - Rich Piana


“As long as you’re doing what it takes, training hard and eating right, that’s all that matters” - Rich Piana


“That dream belongs to you. So go out there and make it a REALITY” - Rich Piana


“They say there is a judgement day. I dont think judgement day comes when we are dead. The judgement day is today, the judgement day is now. And it is going to allow you to live a life of hell now; Or to choose your own kingdom, To live Heaven on earth now. Live dangerously until you die” - Rich Piana


“Real men eat, whatever the fu*k they want” - Rich Piana


“I would say eat 8000 calories a day, train for 2,5 hours a day and also do an hour of cardio so you are taking in a lot more calories and your body is just going to grow” - Rich Piana


R.I.P Rich Piana,
Born: 26th Sept 1971
Died: 25th August 2017

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