Posted 15 November 2011 by Raymond Querido

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You can be in the gym 24/7 killing yourself with weight training and cardio but if you’re not eating properly you’re just wasting your time and effort. What you put into your body will determine 75 – 80% of your results. You may see results in the beginning but it will slow down very fast. Proper diet means getting an adequate amount of each macronutrient into your body based on your body and specific goal. Your sources of each macro should come from quality sources.


The way you train is another key factor to the results you will see on your journey to transforming your body. I’ve always believed in quality of quantity. Make every rep count! This means proper form and full range of motion with each rep. Train by feel. If you are doing the movement correctly then you should feel each and every rep you go through which means you will be more likely to stimulate more muscle fibers. Stimulation = growth.


Remember your not growing and progressing in the gym. Growth and progress happens when your body is getting proper rest after training. So don’t over do it in the gym. More isn’t always better in this case. With a good pace you should be able to knockout a quality training session under 90 mins depending how many muscle groups you are incorporating.


There is no magic pill to get you results. Supplements are used to supplement a proper diet and to give you a quantity that your body is demanding from exerting more stress on your body from training. So don’t rely on your supplements. Diet is still #1!


Go into the gym on a mission and a plan. Have in your head what muscle group you’re going to kill and what movements you want to go with. Always train with a variety of movements every session. Changing things up constantly will keep your body in a state of shock and will promote maximum growth.

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