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Prioritizing And Developing

Underdeveloped Arms

Lets face it, we all have our weak/lagging body parts that we would like to bring up. For most natural athletes, bringing up multiple body parts all at the same time is a hard task to tackle. However, an approach where you prioritize one weak area at a time through a 4-6 month bulking cycle can produce amazing results.

As most experts would suggest and recommend to make improvements in all body parts, you can still make gains in your stronger areas while you are making supercharged gains in your lagging bodypart (s) such as arms..

There are different ways and methods to prioritize training. In this article we are going to discuss how to bring up your lagging arms and turn them into powerful guns!

6 Rules to transforming those spaghetti arms!

  • 1 - Giving arms their own days (prioritizing)
  • 2 - Do not pair biceps and triceps with big body parts
  • 3 - Superset, superset, superset!!
  • 4 - High protein!
  • 5 - Supplementation
  • 6 - Isolating the muscle properly!

1 - Giving arms their own days.

If you really want to bring up a lagging body part, you have to give them their own day in order to maximize results. In this case, arms! While you are coming up with your training split where the arms have their own day, make sure to schedule a leg day following this arm day in order to allow some rest for the prioritized region.

2 - Do not pair biceps and triceps with big body parts.

We can go on all day long arguing about how after back training the biceps are warmed up so it’s good to train them or another point of view such as after training chest the biceps are still fresh and maybe warmed up from flye motions. But lets face it, for a true blasting arm workout, you cannot afford to lose that much energy after big body parts such as chest and back.. You can warm up your arms to work your arms, and not waste energy for the full-blown arm blast workout that is coming up!

3 - Superset - Superset - Superset.

So lets talk about supersetting biceps and triceps: As many of you may know, a traditional superset consists of a set of 2 different exercises of the same or different bodyparts with little or no rest in between.

Supersets have been used for decades by the most accomplished bodybuilders to maximize the blood flow to a given area, which will have long-term anabolic effects due to a steady supply of nutrients into the muscle cells.

Lets keep it simple, you can choose one of 2 ways to super set your arms:

Version A: 10 reps of a bicep exercise (superset with) 10 reps of a triceps exercise - and repeat this 3 rounds before moving onto the next round with a different pair of exercises.


Version B: 10 reps of bicep exercise (superset with) 10 reps of another bicep exercise - and repeat 2-3 rounds before moving onto a pair of triceps exercises to superset .

4 - High protein.

We have all heard to consume 1 to 1.5 or even up to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Depending on your weight, the intensity of your workouts and other factors this number will vary. However it is not uncommon for bodybuilders to raise their protein intake to a maximum during the workout day of the lagging body part and the next 2 days following, to ensure maximum amino acid supply for anabolic (muscle building) results.

5 - Supplementation.

Creatine: Take the maximum recommended dose during the days of the lagging body part workouts.

Whey and casein protein: Also recommended to increase intake during lagging body parts. Whey protein being immediately following your workouts and casein protein pre bed for night-time recovery.

Nitric Oxide Supplements - .50 calibre by grenade is highly recommended: the N.O based supplements with the main ingredient arginine is designed to increase blood flow-circulation and results in helping more nutrients enter the muscle cells for proper recovery.

6 - Isolating the muscle.

In this case the range of motion is the key element. One of the most common mistakes during a lift is not fully extending or stretching the muscle. For example during a single arm dumbbell overhead extension, many trainees do not fully go down to stretch out the muscle. They are either using too much weight or just not even realizing that the exercise is not done to the full extend until you go down all the way. The elongation (negative) portion of a given exercise has a tremendous role in muscle growth so it must not be overlooked. If you are only focusing on contracting and skipping the elongation portion of the exercise, then you will only get half the progress out of that given exercise. So think full range of motion in your next workout.

Next time you are in the gym, think of the 6 factors above while bringing up the lagging body parts weather it’s your arm, legs or lats etc…

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