Posted 30 January 2012 by Heather Leff

CutAndJacked Top 5 Tips:

By Heather Leff

1: Commit

The trick to staying committed is setting a routine. Carve out time for lifting, set it in stone, and consider it non-negotiable. Like a second job. Because other things in life will try to interfere, but if you deem that lifting time as gospel, you’ll have no excuses.

2: Hustle

Lifting is a mental game. I’ve had some beast workouts on days I could barely make it through the gym door. When getting there is the hardest part, find a way. Tell yourself doing something is better than doing nothing. Just get moving, and don’t freak if you can’t go balls out.


You’re in the gym to work. Not mosey around sipping Starbucks, bothering everyone with your unnecessary talky talk. Nothing’s more irritating or distracting, so don’t be that guy. Focus and get serious. Head down, headphones on, mouth closed.

4: Change

Bored? Plateauing? It’s time to switch it up. I’m guilty of not doing it enough, ‘cuz I’m stubborn, like lifting heavy, and rely on staple exercises. But I know changing your routine is crucial to growth & avoiding muscle adaptation. Add a new mass builder, go lighter and rep out, do drop sets. Every 8 weeks or so, challenge yourself. Doesn’t have to be a complete reboot; a few tweaks can do the trick.

5: Eat

Hate to be Captain Obvious here, but I can’t talk training without mentioning protein. Since everyone’s needs are different based on size, gender, lifestyle, etc., it’s best to do some research to find out specifically how much you need, how often, the best type for your goals, and so on. You can’t grow without it, so might as well do your homework and do it right.

CutAndJacked Top 5 Tips By Heather Leff


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