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Narmin Assria


How/when did you get started in training and living a fit lifestyle?

I started training in 2010. I have been pretty fit my whole life, I had always been active and in sports threw out high school. I took dance classes all four years and some gymnastics in my free time. I was a huge fan of sports being a tomboy you could say. I loved running track during P.E class and q1_Narmin_Assria.pngplaying basketball during my lunch breaks. When I first started training I was so small, I was always told to eat and I was skinny. I hated hearing I was skinny and I needed to eat when I probably ate more than that person. I was a very petite girl when I was younger and hearing stuff like that was my motivation to put on some weight. I weighed about 85 pounds when I first got started into training, I got my own gym membership and it was my new best friend. I then became addicted to lifting and being in the gym 24/7. My life has changed since then, I have made better healthy choices and gained a lot of strength in the gym. My whole physique has changed and I now have curves I never thought I would once have and I thank those that were telling me and teasing me about my weight when I was younger ;)


How do you stay motivated?

Self-motivation, I can say when I look in the mirror and see my physique improve and change within days or weeks it motivates me to keep going and anxious to see what else I can do, whether it's sculpting my glutes or gaining more size in my shoulders, I’ll do it because I love the improvements I have been making these last few months during training. I try to keep everything fun and exciting during my training, always mix things up and try new workouts.

What types of cardio have worked best for you?

The only cardio I love doing is the stairmaster, that machine kicks my bootay!!! Not only are you getting a good sweat but it kills my legs and glutes at the same time, because you can incorporate so much other routines on that machine, like kickbacks while skipping a step. Keeping my training different and challenging at the same time.


Do you have a favorite healthy recipe?

My favorite recipe has to be my breakfast waffles, they are so simple and fast to make. So here it is, every morning I have 4 egg whites and about 1/3 cup of oats. I always add a tablespoon of natural almond butter, 3 packets of stevia, and sprinkle of cinnamon. I mix these all up together and I have a special waffle maker that I got from Christmas last year that I use every day!! They are seriously AMAZINNGGGG, and when I’m not on prep I'll add a banana and strawberries to it…You wouldn’t want to try anything else after these waffles. I top it off with some calorie free Walden farms syrup.

What does your diet consist of?

  • Protein: eggs, chicken, steak, and ground turkey
  • Carbs: oats, yams, and brown rice
  • Veggies: asparagus, zucchini, broccoli


How do you deal with cravings for junk foods,
sweets and salty food?

The only cravings I get are for sweets!!! I have such a big sweet tooth. It’s so hard for me to stay away from cookies or even pastries. I’m addicted, BUTTTT I do it because I want to see the outcome of what my physique will look like at the end of my prep, that’s where self-motivation comes in and takes over. The best advice is to never bring sweets home from grocery shopping because if you don’t see it or have them around chances are you won’t be tempted.

What are your top 3 favorite exercises?

My all-time favorite exercise is walking lunges, I love focusing on my glutes and legs. I usually train legs at least twice a week and incorporate walking lunges every time. I started challenging myself by q2_Narmin_Assria.pngadding weight on my back and walking with it from one side of the gym to the other.  My second favorite is reverse hack squat, that’s another workout focusing on your glutes and hamstrings, it’s a little challenging at first because it’s an awkward exercise, but once you get the hang of it you will love the progress you make and see such a change on that bootayyy!!! My third favorite are the Arnold press for shoulders, I have gained so much strength and power these last couple of months in my upper body that these became my all-time favorite exercise.


Do you listen to music whilst you train?

YESSSS!!!!! I can’t work out without my music! I have the beats headphones and once those go on I’m in my own little world. I have the Pandora playlist going and it’s usually on hip-hop! I love my hip-hop. Hip-hop just makes me want to dance in-between my sets, so I always keep my heart rate up.

What is your training routine like?

  • Monday: Legs, glutes & 40 min of cardio
  • Tuesday: Back & shoulders & 40 min of cardio
  • Wednesday: Biceps & triceps & abs
  • Thursday: Off day
  • Friday: Hamstrings & Quads Cardio 40min
  • Saturday: abs & 40 min of cardio
  • Sunday: Off 


Do you set short and long term goals?

I always set both long term and short-term goals, my short-term goals are like increasing in weight at the gym the next week haha. Long-term goals are always the ones I look forward to achieving. For example when I first started competing I wanted to be on that Olympia stage, and I made it the first year I turned PRO!! It was such an amazing achievement of mine and will keep striving to the top. My next goal is something outside of the fitness industry; I want to become a professional cosmetologist and have my own business one day! I’m a go getter so I know I’ll make that happen one day ;) 

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my achievements I have made in such little time, I’m the type of person when I say I’m going to do something I do it, there are no ifs and or buts about it. I always stick to what I say and go after what I want regardless how real or unrealistic it might be. I’m proud that I can make my parents proud, my sisters and brothers inspired and know anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I am very proud of myself for turning pro after 2 shows and sticking to this lifestyle it has changed my life in so many ways and I’m truly blessed to be a part of the NPC/IFBB world.

Have you had any obstacles or setbacks towards
achieving your goal physique?

No cant say I have, only when I get sick haha.

How do you measure your progress?

My coach Kim Oddo is in charge of that, of course I'll look in the mirror and see what improvements I have made. Every day is progress to me, the best way I measure my progress are the way my clothes fit me. I actually rarely jump on a scale because numbers never mean anything to me; it’s what you see in the mirror that actually counts. 


Who are your favorite, athletes or fitness models?

One of my favorite fitness models that I looked up to when I first started competing is Amanda Latona. That girl is amazing and such a beautiful person inside and out. I have been able to get to know this beauty on another level now that I compete with her and she is something else. Always has a great attitude and a lot of fun to be around. I believe all women should be that way; they should always try to empower each other and help each other out. Stand strong.

What supplements would you use/recommend if any?

I love my Sexy-Strong Power protein, amazing flavors like café mocha is amazing, I mix it with my black iced coffee and I have a healthy frap ;)

What tips would you give to any woman wanting to get a feminine, CutandJacked physique like yours?

DON’T be afraid to lift weights ladies, it's the only way you will get those curves you have always wanted. You will NOT look manly if anything you will look even sexier. I always say a women’s best accessories are muscle and I wear mine with pride.  Hire a professional coach to guide you the right way like mine Kim Oddo, he’s well known and is one of the best trainers in the industry. My last tip is to make sure you live a healthy balanced lifestyle, just because you’re on a strict diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a night out with some friends or loved ones. Just be smart when ordering your meals ask for no butter, no salt and have everything grilled or steamed, and don’t over eat, know when to stop.

Narmin Assria

Year of birth: 1988, Height: 5’1

Weight: 95lbs contest weight, 105lbs off-season weight

Facebook fan page:
Instagram: www.instgram/missnarmin


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