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51yo Donna De Lisser

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How and when did you start training?

It was about 20 years ago. I'd just got back from holiday and was looking through my photos. I was slim and flabby. Skinny fat as we say in the trade. I wasn’t happy with how I looked. 2 years before I'd quit smoking and was ready to take the next step towards living a healthier lifestyle. I joined my local gym, hit the weights and never looked back. I'd get up before work and work out. I loved how I felt, the social aspect and before long it became a permanent habit.  Because I was working out regularly I became more conscious of my eating habits and that improved.

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How do you stay motivated?

Having trained on my own for so many years and been fit and in shape I was beginning to lose my motivation and focus. I admit I was bored. I had been wanting to compete for some Donna de Lisser q1.pngtime and decided that at 49 it was now or never. Getting into competition shape was a huge challenge and I was motivated from day one. I met new people that also compete or are just into hard training and this also helps me to stay on track I. spent a year under the guidance of my trainer Ian Dowe building my foundation and eating clean. Going forward I have just found a training partner. She also competes and we will be encouraging each other as we prepare for more competitions.

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What types of cardio have worked best for you?

Interval training on the treadmill is a great fat burner. I also love long power walks for my competition prep. I’m losing body fat without compromising my muscle gains.

Do you have a favourite healthy recipe?

My Tex Mex Turkey Meatballs! Who would have thought ground Turkey could be a trigger food?! but I always have to use restraint on this one.

  • 500 grams ground turkey, 1 egg beaten, tex mex seasoning to taste, 2 pickled onions chopped.
  • Combine ingredients in a bowl. Mix well and form into small balls.
  • Dry fry in a non-stick fry pan for about 10 mins turning till cooked.
  • Serve with mixed salad garnished with coriander sprigs and brown rice.

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What does your diet consist of?

I eat mainly chicken, turkey, steak, fish and eggs for my protein sources. Brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, yam and oats for complex carbohydrates. I eat vegetables in a variety of colours: Tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, red cabbage, carrots. Fruit in moderation. I'm partial to apples and berries.

How do you deal with cravings for junk foods, sweet and salty foods?

I have a sweet tooth! Off season I allow myself one "free" meal a week. Often pizza and cheesecake. I eat moderate amounts of salt daily therefore I don't crave salty food.

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What are your top 3 favourite exercises?

Barbell squats are a definite favourite. I can feel my glutes and quads firming up as I do them. For my back, seated cable rows and for strong sexy shoulders, upright rows.

Do you listen to music whilst you train?

I never train with an ipod. I am happy with whatever is on in the gym, but my own music is a must whilst doing cardio. I am a child of the late 1970's and 1980's and I love funk and disco. For me that really is music to get my heart rate racing!

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What is your training routine like?

I lift 4 days per week with days off in between.

Workout Routine

Do you set short and long term goals?

I am looking for sponsorship. At 51 years of age, having lived a healthy lifestyle for many years I would be a great brand ambassador for a clothing or supplement company. I get many messages from men and women around the world asking for advice and help achieving their fitness goals. So my current plan is to make my diet and workout plans available online. Helping others feel good about themselves is hugely satisfying.

Long term I'd like to present a fitness and lifestyle show and of course maintaining and improving my physique is an ongoing process.

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What are you most proud of?

My two boys, Oliver 13 and Jamie who is 8. Being a good Mum is my most important job in life. Winning my first show is right up there and placing in every show and category to date, for me is a massive achievement.

Have you had any obstacles or setbacks in achieving your goal physique?

Juggling my busy life with training and competition dieting can be challenging. The occasional injury is a set back. Last year I had an issue with my hip and I couldn’t squat for a few weeks. There are always alternatives. I just did more sets on the angled leg press to target my glutes and quads until I healed.

How do you measure your progress?

I don't weigh myself. I go by the mirror. If I'm doing the work in the gym consistently I know I will make improvements.

Who are your favourite athletes or fitness models?

Jennifer Nicole Lee, Ava Cowan, Zak Pallikaros and Usain Bolt.

What supplements would you use/recommend if any?

Whey protein is great for meeting my daily protein requirements, it's convenient and tastes good. I use L Glutamine daily to help me keep my muscle mass. Bcaa's aid my recovery after a hard workout and a multivitamin with minerals.  Those are the basics I recommend.

What 3 tips would you give to any woman wanting a feminine CutandJacked physique like yours?

  1. Eat clean and healthy.
  2. Do not be afraid to lift heavy weights.
  3. Be Consistent and Patient.

Donna de Lisser
Age: 51
Weight : 53 kgs
Height: 5ft 2 in

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