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Bec Kaiser

Published: May 3rd 2020

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1. How and when did you first get started training?

My husband and I built a home gym after giving birth to my second child, and I  heard weight training burns more calories than cardio. So I was like ok, let’s test it out!  I first started weight training and boxing almost 7 yrs ago.

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2.  How has the global pandemic changed your lifestyle and fitness routine?

It has not changed my fitness routine as I have a home gym. 

Lifestyle has really slowed down, but I love the whole eat, train, sleep lol! 

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3.  What advice would you give to anyone struggling to stay fit and motivated during this time?

Take each day as it comes, always make sure you have some sort of exercise planned, either weights or cardio.

Enjoy trying new things while you're at home.

Go out of your comfort zone do something new, I have taken up bike riding and plan my days, I get excited about it.

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4.  Do you do cardio?

I do cardio but only twice a week, I love sprinting as it’s short and sweet, works best for me.

I’m starting to love the stair master too.

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5.  What does your nutrition consist of?

A balanced plan of fats, protein, carbs.

Breakfast - Good fats like eggs, avocado, or even bacon. 

Lunch - Chicken or fish with peas or broccoli, sometimes beans.

Dinner - Salmon or steak with Greek salad, which is one of the favourites.

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6.  Do you listen to music while you train?

Yes! It hits the soul on so many levels…

I’m a huge fan of Christian ✝️ music as it gives me the inner strength to push past all my PB’s.

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7.  What are your short and long-term gym-related goals?

My short term goal is more bodyweight exercises and stretches.

My long term goal is to have built my glutes up and build my best physique yet for my first pro show in October 2020. 

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8.  Who are your top three favorite athletes or fitness models?

Dana Lynn Bailey - Interview
Jessica Williams 
Hattie Boyle 

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9. How often do you usually train a week and what does your workout routine consist of?

I train 5 days a week, 2 rest days.


Legs, ab’s, glutes, hamstrings, calf’s 




Rest day


Legs, abs, glutes, quads


Back, Bicep, Tricep


Legs, glutes, hamstrings, calf’s 

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10.  What supplements do you use if any?

My only supplement 6000mg of Omega3 fish oils daily and 500mg VitC.

I try to get all my protein naturally but when I can’t I only use PranaOn Vegan Protein. 


11.  What 3 tips would you give to anyone wanting to achieve their best physique?

  1. Be consistent with your training, it’s training on the days when you're not feeling motivated that make the difference.
  2. Food prepping is the key to success.
  3. Stay focused, always have small micro-goals and larger long term goals, write them down, tell your friends, and create a vision board and never give up! 


Bec Kaiser 

  • Location: Gold Coast, Australia
  • Height: 164cm
  • Off-season Weight: 64kg 
  • Stage weight: 57kg 
  • Year born: 1982

Website/social media links:

Insta: bexsta6_wbffpro

Facebook: Bec Kaiser

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