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7 Daily Practices to Help Maintain

Your Workout Schedule

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Starting a workout program may be one of the best things you can do to your body but maintaining it is among the hardest parts. If you have ever hit the gym I know the above line sounds familiar and this should be a must-read blog. During the pandemic working out has proven to be even more difficult with the tough restrictions put in place but these should not deter a committed and motivated mind. The big question is how to maintain workout schedule? Below are workout preparation tips and workout tips to help you stick to your workout routine.


Workout tips for maintaining a successful workout schedule

Not only will these habits create a workout program that works but also will ensure you stick to them to see and enjoy the results.


Choose an enjoyable workout

This is one of the reasons that contribute to failed workout routines because not enjoying the activity will make it more of a task or a burden. Working out should be a fun activity that excites you and brings the best out of you. Picking an enjoyable workout or activity will help you stick to it and keep a positive attitude about it. Before starting on your workout program it is key to research the ones you like. After you workout drink some healthy tea to fully recharge.


Start small

One important life lesson that working out instills in us is that there is nothing wrong with taking baby steps. A few small wins will amount to big wins but that is after you put in the required work. Starting small helps to promote daily consistency which goes a long way to ensure that you will do it for a long time. As you progress and set tougher goals you should compliment yourself with small deeds such as preparing your favorite cup of tea. As simple as it may seem taking a cup of tea daily will do your body more good.


Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet when combined with regular exercise can help guard the body against diseases thus maintaining your daily workout schedule. Tea is among one of the workout drinks that you must have daily to make sure you fuel your body. The good thing about tea is you can buy it from online tea and coffee shop and custom it to your desired taste. So as not to fall short of your expectations you should at least drink two liters of water daily. If not so you can incorporate drinking tea regularly as this will serve the same purpose as water. Tea is easy to make and you can have it as your workout drinks, this will boost your energy and give your body numerous benefits.


Dress appropriately for your activity

Investing in quality workout clothing will help you to be comfortable while you exercise. Dressing appropriately will help to motivate you to start working out, prevent injuries and eliminate the ’sweaty t-shirt’ problem. To help combat another problem is that you should keep your workout clothing and gear where they are visible. Designate a visible shelf or table that you cannot miss while you are in your house, this will help to serve as a reminder that you ought to work out.


Find an exercise buddy

Working out is strenuous to the mind and body thus the need to have a support system. Whether online or offline make sure you can find somebody to talk to who will motivate you to get back to your exercise regime. Having an exercise buddy who is dedicated as you are will force you to show up for your exercise as you will be accountable to them. When you workout with an exercise buddy you will push yourself harder, the exercise will be more competitive and more fun. This will drive both of you to your set goals even faster.


Rest your body

The body needs to rest after a workout session. At least give yourself a day or two off every week to let your body recover and rest. For a good work out sleep is essential and to help you sleep after a day full of activities is tea. It comes in different varieties such as loose leaf tea and tea bags which are simple to prepare. Tea helps to relax the mind and this promotes better sleep which allows the body to rest. If you are dead set you do not need any rest then other less strenuous exercises such as swimming or yoga will allow your body to rest while you exercise.


Reward yourself!

Regular exercise has its set of long term rewards such as a greater sense of well-being, better sleep and more energy. After you complete a workout program or achieve your fitness goals it is important to give yourself immediate rewards. Choose something simple that you look forward to such as having a hot bath, a massage or getting a souvenir to celebrate your hard work. Tea is also a great reward for the body as it rejuvenates your body while you mentally prepare and look forward to the next exercise program.



Your health is priceless and starting a workout program is an important step towards achieving a healthy life. However, it does not have to be overwhelming and should be as simple as having a cup of tea. To establish a healthy habit that will last a lifetime all you need to do is to plan and pace yourself. This blog has given you all the necessary tools to commit and to maintain your workout program. Adding to your healthy habit is tea and coffee which will boost you with energy and nutrients to get through the day. Remember to help maintain your workout schedule you need to keep going and focus on your fitness goals.


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