Posted 20 November 2020 by Steve Theunissen

6 Essential Nutritional

Rules for Muscle Gain

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While the majority of people out there are focused on losing weight, there are quite a few who are interested in the scale going up rather than down. Of course, what they want to put onto their frame is muscle and not fat. In this article, we reveal 6 key weight gain rules that will help you to pack on lean muscle mass.


Consume Protein as soon as possible after working out

After strength training your body is working overtime to rebuild the muscle that you’ve just broken down in the gym. If you eat nothing, your muscle growth will be seriously hampered. In fact, you could even lose muscle. Be consistent with a fast-digesting protein source, such as whey powder, and you will give your muscles the fuel they need to get bigger.


Combine Proteins with Carbs

When you eat them together, proteins and carbs achieve more than anyone of them does by itself. Carbs help protein reach your muscles quicker, speeding up growth. Post-workout, your body needs to replace the glycogen that it has used up to fuel your training. Use a protein supplement that contains carbs, or add some whole fruit to your protein shake.

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Stay Hydrated

Weight training of itself will not lead to dehydration. If you are dehydrated before a gym session, however, you will not get in a very productive workout. For one thing, your system will release more stress hormones, while producing less testosterone. Be sure to get some water into your system when you first get up in the morning. This is especially important if you have been drinking the night before. Incidentally, staying hydrated is also one of the most important weight loss tips.


Stay Hungry

To grow a kilogram of muscle (2.2 pounds) you need about 6000 extra calories. If you want to build it in a week, you’ll need an extra 880 calories per day. That means that you will have to be a big eater. If you find yourself struggling to swallow those extra calories, take more of it in the form of protein shakes. Make sure, too, that you are having at least 6 meals over the course of your day, spread every three hours apart.


Eat for More Energy

Make sure that you keep up your carb content, especially if you are training hard in the gym, which you should be. While you are focused on gaining as much muscle mass as possible, it is not the time to be lowering your carbs in order to get rid of body fat. That can come later. Right now you need all of the energy you can get from carbs to fuel you through those intense muscle-building training sessions.

The lower you drive down your carbohydrate levels, the more you have to rely on other fuel for energy. You certainly don’t want to have to be sacrificing some of your muscle-building protein for energy – you need to keep it for mass building. Keep your carbs at between 55-60% of your total caloric count to ensure that you have all the energy you need to “bring it” in the gym.



Caffeine does more than keep you awake. It can boost your workout performance, help you use more fat for energy and reduce post-training pain. However, drinking powdered caffeine dissolved in water will give you greater benefits than simply downing a cuppa Joe. Energy drinks are a good source of caffeine. However, they also contain a lot of sugar. Consider taking a caffeine tablet instead. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re taking.


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