Posted 11 February 2020 by Julie Martines

Sport Injuries: 5 Tips For

Dealing With Sore Feet

Published: Feb 11th 2020

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Having sore feet can be extremely irritating, attempting to walk and go about your daily business when each step induces pain is no fun for anyone. But there are ways to reduce the pain that comes from having sore feet so that you can be free to get on with the more important things.

1. Do some stretching exercises. 

Do some stretching exercises. Often times, the cause of sore feet can be attributed to muscle pain or a condition known as plantar fasciitis which is essentially an inflammation of the tissues in the sole of the foot. Both of these things can be relieved by doing some simple stretching exercises for the foot. Some exercises you could try might be:

  • Flexing the toes and then releasing them.
  • Circling the ankles.
  • Shifting the weight from one end of the foot to the other.

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2. Soak your feet.

Soak your feet. After a long day on your sore feet, a great way to get some relief is to soak your feet. You can do this in many ways, you may prefer to have a warm bath and allow your feet to reap the benefits or you might prefer to use a foot spa or a bowl filled with hot water. (not too hot!) There is the option to add in some essential oils, some which are good for the feet are:

  • Peppermint
  • Neem
  • Tea tree

3. Use rocker bottom shoes.

Use rocker bottom shoes. If the cause of your sore feet is your shoes then trying some rocker bottom shoes, also known as insoles is a brilliant way to fight the pain and put the ease back into walking. You can either buy inserts for your current shoes, or there are shoes that are custom made but whichever you choose, it is important to remember to be consistent in wearing them in order to get the most benefit. The use of rocker bottom shoes has been seen to bring health benefits in other areas such as diabetes and the healing of sports injuries.

4. Have a foot massage. 

Have a foot massage. Perhaps you have a loving partner who will perform a massage on your feet, if not you can always book one in with a professional. Massaging eases tension in the muscles and so can be a great relief for those who are suffering from sore feet. If you prefer you can even do the massage yourself, think about buying a nice oil to do it with for that added bit of luxury.

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5. Use ice on the feet. 

Use ice on the feet. If you have a lot of inflammation then using ice might be a good way to get rid of any soreness that comes from it. The cold temperatures help to reduce inflammation and in turn, pain. You should never put ice directly onto the skin as it can cause damage so it is important to remember to put the ice into something or wrap it in some thin fabric. If you are using this method, it should be performed a few times a day for maximum effect.

So there you have it, there are many ways in which you can get good relief from sore feet, each of them ridding the pain in their own way.

Written By Julie Martines

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