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10 Training And Motivation

Tips By Roger Snipes

10 training and motivation tips by Roger Snipes


1. Set goals

Set goals – Being driven to train comes with years of discipline. We are not always motivated to train no matter how positive we feel. Especially when we train at least 5 days out q1_tips_roger_snipes.pngof the week. Setting goals gives us the mind set that on days when we feel we have earned enough merits of hard training we ask ourselves qualifying questions like: Is this really enough? It could be a question of am I where I need to be to look how I want on the beach? To fit in that dress? To be ready for that photoshoot? Before reuniting with family abroad? Have something big to aim for and set small weekly targets until you get there.


2. Always push to the end

Always push to the end – Sometimes it too easy to give ourselves credit when we train hard. We get a little pump in the gym and build a little sweat and feel we have done well. We compare ourselves to someone who doesn’t train at all and say “well I don’t go out like my mates, I don’t smoke and I don’t take drugs” We feel this is a good enough reason to slack. Finding poor justifications to have a poor session. If you can’t push yourself hard enough then get a personal trainer to help push you or a training partner who is hungrier than you for a good session.

3. Just start

Just start – Some people are skeptical of joining the gym as they feel when they go they will be the weakest person there and they feel intimidated. Funny enough I’ve found that there are many people that think they have to train at home first, change there eating habits and build up a level of fitness so they can “qualify” to attend or be a member of any gym. What people need to understand is all this structured planning are just excuses to prolong their success. Procrastination doesn’t build muscle. Actions do. Get it together and go to the gym. Join classes if you have to but do something.


4. Use correct form

Use correct form – If you need to start with lighter weight then do it. Some days you may feel weak. It could be lack of sleep or just general tiredness. We can’t avoid it in some cases. When this happens it would be advisable to use a lighter weight. Throwing the weight around using momentum like your dancing isn’t going to achieve much. I’ve seen q2_tips_roger_snipes.pngpeople do bicep curls whilst doing mini squats at the same time. Sore quads after a bicep curl isn’t the focus we are looking for. I’ve seen a bar being stacked with weight and a person perform a quarter squat on a 1 rep max. There was more effort in stacking the weight on than the actual squat itself. If in doubt then speak with a member of staff at the gym, watch some YouTube videos, sometimes asking the one who looks experienced in the gym may help.


5. Learn from people who have achieved what you want

Learn from people who have achieved what you want – It’s said you should surround yourselves with positive people. In the same way you should follow and learn from the experts who have done what you are aiming to do. Some people have different theories in how they train to achieve their goals. Just find what works for you and see if you can achieve good results using the same plan or technique. If it doesn’t work then move on and try something else. You may not get it the first time but good practice can reap you big rewards. Some people who are good at training aren’t necessarily good nutritionists so take whatever they are good in and something else from the next person. Learning is power, so with more knowledge you are gaining more power.


6. Have the right supplements

Have the right supplements – Training hard will give you good results but having the right supplements will help to aid a strenuous workout. BCAA’s during a resistance session could help to prevent muscle fatigue and in some cases cramps. Isotonic or a drink with glucose could help to replenish glycogen when it is running low during a training session. Whey protein after training is the optimal time to have a whey protein and hydrolyzed is probably the best to have but ultimately you should find out which is fit and suited to your goals. I personally use PhD Nutrition as it is a pharmaceutical grade with regular batch testing to make sure it is clean and good for my body. 

7. Put food over supplements

Put food over supplements – Although I am a sponsored athlete and use supplements I would put food as the paramount form of nutrition for the growing body. Supplements are mainly targeted at certain roles in “addition” to a healthy diet and in some cases can replace some meals on a very busy schedule but at no point should you put supplements before food. Preparing your food before you set out in your day is like the first step in achieving a good body and healthy mindset.


8. Mix up your training routine

Mix up your training routine – When you train, you should always have a new routine every week. Many of the biggest Olympians step in the gym and decide what machine they will use depending how they feel. You can stick with certain body parts on the days but change the order and maybe even the rep range. My clients have no idea what they will be doing in each session, as I don’t want them to program themselves to have a relaxing session.

9. Listen to your body not your mind

Listen to your body not your mind – Sometimes before you get to the gym you we’re fully geared up mentally then you get there and you almost feel mentally depleted. The explanation behind it is almost unexplainable but it happens. Sometimes you have to go against the grain and just train. I used to have a training partner who used to see me in q3_tips_roger_snipes.pngthis state on many occasions and he would say “Don’t think about it” sometimes we need to block out everything around us which could include personal issues and not think about it. Maybe plug in some music and just train. Some days we may have over trained, not received much rest or just physically ill. We need to take these signs as a “sign” to take a seat and relax. I feel guilty sometimes even if I feel sick. As long as you know within yourself that it is not an excuse to put your feet up then the next time you hit the gym, hit it hard. Make up for lost time and really put in the work.


10. Buy clothes to fit your future body

Buy clothes to fit your future body - Just like setting goals, this helps you to re-confirm the decision you have made by working towards another goal – Fitting in new clothes. The more expensive the better, this way you won’t want to waste your time. Whether it be a few waist sizes smaller or for someone who is looking to gain weight then purchase the next size up and aim to fit it. Telling people what your goal is again forces you to aim high because it’s not just a secret goal but you wont want to disappoint anybody. This is why I do competitions and photoshoots. The last thing I want is to go on stage unprepared or look out of shape. If I’m prepping for a shoot, again I don’t want to have images circulating on social media with me in terrible condition, unless its for the purpose of a before an after shot.

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