Posted 18 April 2020 by Lucy Wyndham

Tips To Successfully Launch

Your Own Fitness Business

Published: April 18th 2020

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Health club industries across America serve 71.5 million customers each year, according to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association. This shows that competition is fierce, so it’s essential to have a good plan before launching your own fitness business. Engage with your local community to find what can make your business unique, come up with a plan, and don’t underestimate how much time will go into the operational side of things. 


You need to be more than a fitness instructor

Being a qualified fitness instructor, having a passion for fitness, and being in good shape is a great start for running your own fitness business, but it won’t be enough by itself. With any type of fitness business, whether it’s a gym or delivering online content, you need to be able to manage it and have some business know-how. Prepare yourself for behind the scenes tasks that will take up more of your time than the fitness side of things. This includes things like marketing, customer service, accounting, and administration. You may also be responsible for other employees, so it’s essential that you know how to effectively communicate and look after your staff so that they’re happy and will look after your customers in return.

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Have a plan and know your costs 

Coming up with a business plan helps you to identify where you’ll need to spend money and estimate roughly how much they’ll be. Basic costs will come from monthly bills on things like rent, water, and energy, one-off costs for fitness equipment and having a website built, office supplies, wages for any staff your hire, and insurance. Fitness professionals are at high risk of injury in their work, which is why fitness business insurance is essential as it covers the cost of medical bills if an employee is injured at work. For a new business, having this type of cover can be the difference between staying open and completely sinking if someone gets injured.


Engage with your local community

Engaging with your community, whether it’s online or physically, is a key part of launching a business. Most people want to support local businesses, but they need to know you’re there in the first place to be able to consider you. You can also get an edge over your competition by knowing what your local community wants and what’s already available, helping you to find your niche so that you stand out. Engaging with the local community can be done in many ways, such as by going to local fitness events and promoting yourself, supporting local charities, and creating a strong social media presence that revolves around the local community.

Plenty goes into starting your own fitness business, and it’s important to understand that you’ll spend a lot of time running the business behind the scenes rather than getting stuck in with the fitness side of things. Despite this, it can be very rewarding offering fitness facilities to others and helping them to reach their goals, directly or indirectly.

Written by: Lucy Wyndham


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