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The Best CBD-Infused

Green Smoothie Recipe

Published: April 24th 2020

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There are many ways in which you can reap the benefits of CBD products. You can do so by applying it on your skin, ingesting it, and so on. You’ve probably tried CBD oil but you find yourself forgetting to take it from time to time. Fortunately, there are even more interesting ways to enjoy CBD and it revolves making a delicious infused green smoothie. If you like to make a smoothie every other morning, a CBD smoothie is a superb option. Besides that, it’s a great smoothie to drink after workouts.

The composition of the smoothie

The CBD-infused green smoothie consists of several fresh and healthy vegetables. A single serving may have marine collagen, spinach, bananas, almond seeds, avocado, 25 mg of CBD, hemp hearts, frozen pineapples, and so on. These ingredients are carefully selected. They deliver the maximum benefits of CBD in the right balance. Each one of these ingredients adds something special to the smoothie. While lime has an alkalinizing effect, collagen promotes good gut health. Pineapple brings on board anti-inflammatory properties and the avocado helps with taking the CBD through the liver.

If you are going to make a CBD-infused green smoothie, stick to fresh products. You can use ordinary avocados and pineapples because their thick skins keep pesticide at bay. However, when it comes to spinach, it best to use products that have been organically grown. Are you wondering where to get the CBD? Well, you can buy CBD bud here and source the rest of the ingredients from the grocery store.

Ingredients for two servings

Below are the ingredients for a serving for two people:

·        One cup of frozen pineapples

·        Two handfuls of spinach

·        One banana

·        Two cups of almond milk

·        Two milliliters of hemp CBD oil

·        Two teaspoons of hemp seeds

·        Water

You can opt not to use water or hemp seeds and your CBD-infused smoothie will still be great.



How to make your green infused CBD smoothie

Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until it becomes smooth. Then, serve it in glass and sprinkle CBD seeds on top of the smoothie. If you don’t like your smoothie super thick, add some water or almond milk. Putting some ice in it will give it a good feel, the type of CBD oil you use depends on your preferences. You can review the top 20 brands if you're having trouble deciding.  To store it for one or two days, put in an airtight jar. Ensure that you shake it before each serving to get a consistent texture.

Benefits of drinking a green infused CBD smoothie

Taking CBD in smoothie form is super easy. The process of making it is the same as with other smoothies that you enjoy drinking. This smoothie also packs a lot of vitamins and other healthy nutrients. Its nutritional value strengthens your immune system. Taking it regularly can help you ward off sicknesses. Studies have also shown that vegetables and purple fruits are endowed with anthocyanin, which plays an active role in protecting your cells. As you can see, this list can go on and on.

If smoothies are your thing, they don’t have to be boring. The green-infused CBD smoothie is undoubtedly a healthy and tasty addition to your smoothie routine. And in case you are fearing that a CBD smoothie will give you a high, you can rest assured that it will not.

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