Posted 05 March 2011 by Erick Ruiz Salgaldo

Get Balanced!!! Create a

proportional physique.

Being CutAndJacked is impressive, but it's even more impressive to be CutAndJacked while pocessing a proportional physique. You really don't want to look like a light breeze can knock you off balance.   Let's explore the two main reason people end up building an unbalanced structure and what it means to be Cut, Jacked,… AND Proportional.

Lower Body Neglect

I know it is easy to hide legs with clothing, but sooner or later all will be revealed.  Quit hiding them and start training them! Besides training legs has many benefits.

  1. Training legs releases large amount of anabolic hormones. Both Testosterone and Growth Hormone have been shown to significantly increase after large compound movement. Squats and Deadlifts are both exercises that utilize the legs and have been shown to increase these anabolic hormones more so than any other exercise.
  2. Training legs increased your metabolism. For every one pound of muscle on your body you burn an extra 50 calories a day AT REST! That means you can easily increase your metabolism by adding some solid muscle to your legs resulting in a more CutAndJacked you.
  3. Training legs increases libido. Not only will developed legs make an impression, for guys the increased circulation and Testosterone are sure to help you perform.

Shallow Back

If your back is as deep as the tire tread on my German engineered, rubber burning car, you need some serious work on your back. Even though you are constantly looking at yourself in the mirror, everyone else is getting a great view of your back. A strong, well developed back is paramount. Your back is the largest muscle on your upper body and there are numerous reasons to train your back.

  1. A well developed back wins shows. "Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder" but only those with an impressive back win shows. This has been proven time and time again.
  2. Training back releases large amounts of anabolic hormones. Like legs, back training requires large compound movement such as deadlifts, rows, and pull ups. Because of the back is so large, training it releases anabolic hormone levels second only to legs.
  3. Back training helps prevent injury. The number one injury any weight lifter gets is a back injury. Often these injuries could have been prevented by using proper form and developing the back adequately.

Impressive Physique 101

Now that we have discussed what makes a physique unpleasing let discuss what makes a champion. To have an impressive physique you must not only be CutAndJacked but, balanced. Every body-part should complement each other with no one body part dominating the other. When you look in the mirror and can no longer determine your strength from your weaknesses, you have built the ultimate physique. Be proud of what you have achieved. Work on your weakness to  truly build a physique that is Cut, Jacked, and Balanced.

Written by Erick Ruiz Salgaldo



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