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How To Get Through The Feeling

Of Not Wanting To Workout

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When you want to exercise for better mental or physical health, you find yourself looking for the best way to go about a new routine. The problem a lot of people have with this is they never know how to get their brain and body to work together to make this routine work. It is possible to have a routine when you first start working out, but it isn't an easy thing to do.

If you want to have a routine, and ignore the feeling in your brain that says you should just skip the workout for the day, follow these steps. It might not make things immediately better, but it will help you teach your brain to love exercising. After a few weeks, you will actually enjoy working out and you won't remember days like today.

Realize this is something everyone goes through

When you see everyone out running, or you find people at the gym who have been there for a few hours, this is something that they had to work to get. You can't wake up and be ready to jump into a strict workout schedule. Everyone goes through the thoughts that you are feeling right now. These people have followed the steps that you are about to follow, and knowing this will make the journey and transition a little bit easier. Every time you think that you are alone, you can remember that this is something everyone goes through.

Keep moving, even on the days when you are supposed to rest

When you are trying to force yourself to get into a routine and schedule, giving yourself a day off is sometimes the worst thing that you can do. But there is a very thin line there because you don't want to overwork yourself either. If you are feeling tired or in pain, there are ways you can use medication to help keep you going. If the thing that is stopping you from working out every day is a headache, you can find out how to use CBD for headaches and this will help keep your routine on schedule. However, if your leg or ankle hurts, you might need a break.

Try to reach small goals

You don't want to force yourself to do big goals right away. This will be a good idea to find out where you want to be, but it won't be good for your body or mental health. If you don't reach the large goal, you will feel bad about it. And if you do reach the goal, your body will be sore and you won't be able to work out for the rest of the week. Try to find smaller goals to keep when you are just starting a new workout routine.

Have a group of friends to work out with

Sometimes, you can follow all of the steps that are available and still not feel motivated enough to actually go and work out like you want to. If nothing seems to be working and keeping you in your new routine, you can have friends that will do it for you. Whether you have family or friends in your life currently that will workout with you to help keep you in your goal, or you need to go find an online forum to make friends that will assist you on this journey. Having company can make things a whole lot easier.

Even if you aren't the type of person who likes to hang out and talk while exercising, you will be surprised at how much better things are when you have company around to keep you on track.

Do the workout at the same time every day to make it a routine

Finally, make sure that you stick to the same hour of workout every single day. If you miss a day, or if you change the time when your workout is happening every day, your body and brain will no longer consider this as something that you need to do and, therefore, you will no longer want to work out. 

In order to keep yourself motivated, treat the routine like a job schedule until you start to like it. And when you like working out, you won't have to worry about getting the schedule because you will do it anyway.

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