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Posted 04 February 2011 by Interview:

Wendy Lucas

How and when did you start training?

I started training when I was 13, living in Oregon. I danced and played basketball and some soccer growing up, so I loved to be athletic, but I wanted something more. I wanted more than just a skinny body. I wanted shape and sexy feminine curves and muscles. I remember reading fitness magazines, and the womens' bodies really encouraged me to lift weights and eat really strict. The bodybuilding lifestyle fits me perfectly, I like having that control over my body, it feels good.

Please describe a typical day for you.
What is your daily routine like?

Oh my! I start by waking up at 4:45am to let my chihuahua out to potty really quick. I make some coffee or a protein shake for the road. I have to drive about 20 minutes to teach a Boot Camp ( That starts at 5:30am. Then at 630am, I usually get my workout in at 24 hour fitness, or if I'm really tired, I'll sleep in my car. I do this because I have another Boot Camp at 9am to teach. After that's over, I usually go home and take a nap. I usually train clients around noon, or sometimes I have the day off. During the day I do various things; cook, eat, sleep, work on my website (, check e-mails, run errands, clean, laundry, etc. At night, I train a few clients and then I teach more group fitness classes. Then I eat dinner and relax and try to get to sleep so I can do it all over again!


What is your training routine like?

My training routine consists of sprints, circuit training, and moderate to heavy lifting. I also stretch for at least 20-30 minutes per day, spread out throughout the day.

My philosophy is if you are really sore and tired, you probably need to rest. I tend to be uber motivated and over-train, which is bad. It doesn't make you grow and improve, it makes you too tired and sore to train, and can actually catabolize muscle (not good!).

Types of cardio: Sprint intervals on treadmill - sprint like someone is chasing you! And the stair master step-mill is really good for the booty. Walking on a 15 incline is awesome too. Oh, and jump rope!

My routine varies from heavy lifting to circuit training higher reps, to sprints, cardio intervals and stretching.

  • Monday: Legs, minimal rest, some days I go super heavy, 6 reps, or some days I go 15-30 reps, it varies!
  • Tuesday: Shoulders and abs, step mill 20 mins
  • Wednesday: Back/Biceps, abs Treadmill Sprints 15 mins
  • Thursday: Abs, Run 2-3 miles or active rest (walking or stretches like yoga)
  • Friday: Chest, Triceps, Legs circuit, abs, 20 mins bike
  • Saturday: Light Run, Calves, Abs and light full body weights
  • Sunday: Rest

What is your diet like?

I eat every 2 to 3 hours. For Protein, I focus on lean proteins, eggs, chicken, protein powder, lean steak. For carbohydrates, I eat brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, whole wheat low carb tortillas, oatmeal whole grain protein pancakes. I also eat lots of broccoli, mushroom, cabbage, cucumber, spinach, zucchini. For fruits I eat fuji or gala apples, bananas and berries, all sparingly. I sometimes consume dairy such as milk (I like whole - good for building mass), low fat cottage cheese, and nonfat greek yogurt. For fats, I usually eat olive oil, almonds, and almond butter / peanut butter.

I drink 1 gallon of water per day. I drink green tea and I love coffee.


Favourite cheat food?

Dark chocolate and red wine are really good, I actually have those often, a little bit is okay when I'm training hard. I can't really think of anything that I like to cheat with. I guess snickers bars are really amazing.

How do you deal with cravings for junk foods,
sweets and salty food?

I don't typically have cravings for much, because I tend to eat pretty regularly... but if I do have cravings for dark chocolate or sweets, I have a few tricks.... Depends on the mood I'm in and what I have coming up as far as contests or photo shoots.....I'll have a chocolate protein shake or a piece of BNRG's Power Crunch Choklat -Dark Chocolate bar if I'm craving chocolate.... Or I will just drink some sparkling water and snack on some raw broccoli and carrots w/ hummus.... Also, Hot Green Tea or any Hot organic decaf tea helps to ward off cravings.


Who are your favourite figure competitors,
athletes or fitness models?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Eason, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Nick Paniagua, Nathalia Melo, Khay Rosemond.

What are your top three exercises and why?

  1. Pull ups because they build the back and biceps nicely, while stretching the core and back.
  2. Weighted Lunges because they sculpt sexy legs.
  3. Plie Squat with Arnold Press for high reps, because it's a full body exercise that blasts calories and sculpts a sexy bikini body.

What is the most challenging thing you deal with about consistently staying in top shape?

Having to always prepare foods and eat every 2 to 3 hours can really disrupt your social life. But luckily I have a pretty understanding boyfriend I live with and my family and his family know about my lifestyle and goals, so that helps. But it can be really tempting when we occasionally go out for drinks - I will usually drink sparkling water with lemon, or occasionally have wine.

What is your best body part?

Probably Abs... that's my lean area.. But a lot of people like my booty. It's definitely booty-licious. I'm part Puerto Rican =)

…and your best body part in a man?

I like all the parts!

What is the number one philosophy you live by?

Take care of your body, before it takes care of you.... (aka - eat well and exercise regularly!!!! before you become so sick and unhealthy that it kills you)!

Life is short, make the best out of your body!

What 3 tips would you give to any woman wanting to get a feminine, CutAndJacked physique like yours?

  1. Stick to eating plan, small meals spread out eating 5 to 6 times per day. Drink 1 gallon water.
  2. Train like a man. Get in the weight room and throw up as much weight as you can with proper form. Your body will transform, it's amazing.
  3. Don't let anyone tell you you can't do something, stay confident and focused and do what makes YOU happy. Always take care of yourself.

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