Posted 20 March 2011 by Interview:

Tammy Bravomalo

How and when did you start training?

For years, I tried so many programs to try to gain weight, but each one was unsuccessful. When I was 17, it was time for me to start college, and I was ecstatic about, “The freshman 15.” I couldn’t believe it, I never gained a pound.
During my sophomore year of college I met my hubby, Andrew. He told me I should be thankful I can eat so much food, because I can use it to my advantage for gaining muscle. In comparison to sports, working out was way too slow, but I decided to give it a try. It took me a long time to finally get into the groove of things. Now it’s hard for me to take a day off from the gym.

How long do you spend in the gym
during a typical workout?

I generally try to keep my workouts under one hour.

What is your training routine like?

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How do you manage to stay motivated?

My motivation comes from all of the support and encouragement from my fans. Plus, the short-term and long-term goals, set by my trainer and I, keep my focused.

What does your diet consist of?



How do you deal with cravings for
junk foods, sweets and salty food?

Cravings are all in the mind. So, I focus very hard on self-control at all times. If I feel really hungry or am craving something I will either chew gum or have a lightly salted rice cake.

If you had one superpower… what would
choose and why?

If I had a superpower, I would like to have super speed. This would help me get all of the time consuming stuff out of the way. Then, I would be able to spend more time with family and friends.

What are your top three exercises and why?

My top three exercises are squats, side raises, and rows. I feel each one of these exercises helps define and develop my body.

What is your best body part?

I would have to say my shoulders are my best body part.

…and your best body part in a man?

For a man, a strong looking back.

What 3 tips would you give to any woman wanting to get a feminine, CutandJacked physique like yours?

For women wanting a feminine, muscular physique: don’t be afraid to lift heavy,
get involved in a fitness class, and eat healthy.

What is the number one philosophy you live by?

The number one philosophy I live by is to live everyday to its
fullest and to not have any regrets.

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