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Mr and Mrs Aguilar

How did you both meet?

Mrs Autumn Aguilar: We met in Temecula at a photo shoot that I was doing
for a local calendar.

Do you train as a couple?

Mrs Autumn Aguilar: No we do not train together. Miguel and I have different views on fitness. I like to talk and have fun in the gym. When Miguel works out it is a very serious no nonsense 2 hours of training. I am just silly by nature =)

How long do you plan to compete for?

Mrs Autumn Aguilar: The original plan was to do the one show last year =)
but now I am addicted!

Mr Miguel Aguilar: I figure I'll have a good five year run.
Pro would be nice in the new Mens Physique Division.

Do you have kids?

Mrs Autumn Aguilar: We have two little girls, Jadyn 3 years old and Rylee 2 years old. Our girls have brought out the very best in both of us. We strive to be better people every day for our children. They are our world and that’s how life will always be, God and our kids come 1st.

How do you manage the work/life balance to keep in top shape and maintain your marriage?

Autumn & Miguel: Hmmmmmmm I cant lie its CHALLENGING especially when you hit the last 3 weeks. Carb depletion, less food, no salt, lots of gym time, work, house work, kids, family, sports, activities, social life, the list goes on.....yikes! Truthfully it's exhausting talking about it. But in some weird way I love the challenge and the accomplishment outways the short term "torture".

Who does the cooking?

Autumn: We actually both cook on Sunday's. Miguel grills our protein and I bake the yams, cook the rice, prep the asparagus or zuchinni. We work well together in the kitchen.

Were you both training and or
competing when you met?

Autumn: Competing was something we both always wanted to do but never felt we could physically take our bodies there.

How many competitions have you done
and won between you

 Autumn: We currently hold 4 trophies 3 of which are two first place and one third-Autumns and 1 is Miguels first place.

How do you deal with cravings for junk foods,
sweets and salty food?

Autumn: Wow, this is a tough question. It depends on the kind of mental state we allow ourselves to go into each day. I (Autumn) have made it a ritual to get up each day and surround myself with the love and support of my friends who also compete. We do 40-60 min of cardio on empty and chit chat about how we are feeling. Without the support of my friends and family I would not be competing.

Miguel: I am so busy with my business that it does not allow me to really crave much but I can say that a handful of almonds and carub chips does the job on the sugar craving.

How long do you both spend in the gym during a typical workout?

Autumn: I am in the gym 1-2 hour’s minimum a day.

Miguel: I am at the gym at least 2 hours

What 3 tips would you give to other couples/families trying to maintain a healthy proactive lifestyle?

Autumn & Miguel

  1. keep your head focused - don’t let your emotions determine the way you eat. Eating is social, comforting and makes us feel good but only temporarily. Try to keep a balanced diet an allow yourself to eat at least 1 "smart" cheat per week.
  2. Don’t allow others to influence you. Just as anything in life everyone always has their 'two sense" to throw into the mix. It's about doing what makes you happy. That applies to everything in life.
  3. Find activities’ that keep you motivated. Get your cardio by taking classes you enjoy.


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