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Posted 21 January 2016 by Brandan Fokken

5 Reasons To Include Unilateral

Training Into Your Workouts

"Have your gains stalled? Tired of that one lagging hamstring? Is the barbell your best friend in the gym? Need a jolt to get your training back on track? Unilateral training - training one limb or side at a time - may be just what you need to take your body to the next level" - Brandan Fokken
Training, Exercises, Plateaus
Posted 18 January 2016 by Tyler Andrew

Monday Motivation: Start

Your Week Motivated

"We need to create a winning mindset, plan our strategy, follow through by completing one task at a time, and keep doing that." - Tyler Andrew
Training, Motivation
Posted 16 January 2016 by CutAndJacked.com

Top 15 Most Muscular, Ripped

Cut And Jacked MMA Fighters

Top 15 Most Muscular, Ripped Cut And Jacked MMA Fighters
Training, Best Of...
Posted 14 January 2016 by Nick Nilsson

Why Your Big Toe Is

The Key To Great Calves!

"Anybody with training experience will tell you that calves are one of THE toughest bodyparts to develop...they're surrounded by connective tissue, they're painful to train, they're not "mirror" muscles and genetics are very rarely ever in your favor" - Nick Nilsson
Training, Calve Training, Leg Training
Posted 08 January 2016 by Alpha Bodies

Video: Important Tips For

Developing Your Chest

Video: Important Tips For Developing Your Chest.
Videos, Training
Posted 04 January 2016 by Grant Lofthouse

How To Bring Up

Lagging Bodyparts

"Do you have that one body part that just isn’t up to the same standard as the rest of your body… and no matter how much pain you inflict on it it just doesn’t seem to grow – well listen up…" - Grant Lofthouse
Training, Plateaus
Posted 01 January 2016 by Ryan Blair

The Spot Burning Myth: How

to target your problem areas

"Although spot reduction is a myth, there are things that you can do to target your problem areas the right way. Here are 4 things you can do to reduce fat in your trouble zones." - Ryan Blair
Training, Fat loss, Nutrition, Lose fat
Posted 24 December 2015 by Tyler Andrew

Alcohol And Fitness:

To Drink Or Not To Drink

"Motivation is typically pretty low while one is in the hungover state. This contributes to valuable time being wasted while you lie on your couch cancelling your plans that you had made for that day" - Tyler Andrew
Nutrition, Nutrition Basics, Water & Hydration, Diets
Posted 22 December 2015 by CutAndJacked.com

Best Of Shawn Ray

Quotes, Photos And Clips

“If you don’t follow a good nutritional plan, you’re bodybuilding with one arm behind your back. - Shawn Ray
Training, Best Of...
Posted 21 December 2015 by CutAndJacked.com

CutAndJacked.com Interview:

Don Akim

"Know that it will take time and many little steps to get there, but it begins with the most important one, the will and desire to make positive lifestyle changes" - Don Akim
Interviews, Male Athletes & Models



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