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    Posted 22 April 2020

    Butt And Booty

    Exercises for Firmer Glutes

    These simple workouts will reward you with firmer glutes and you can even do them at home! Pick at least four of these exercises, do them four times a week and soon you will begin to see some positive changes in your butt area.

    Published: April 22nd 2020

    Training, Female Specific Training, Female, Female based articles
    Posted 20 April 2020

    Guide: Workout Program

    You Can Do at Home

    "Gym-goers are stuck at home and some of them are worried they might lose their sacrificed gains. But, with the mentioned workout programs, it may be helpful and proactive for you while staying at home."

    Published: April 20th 2020

    Training, Workouts
    Posted 18 April 2020 by Lucy Wyndham

    Tips To Successfully Launch

    Your Own Fitness Business

    "Being a qualified fitness instructor, having a passion for fitness, and being in good shape is a great start for running your own fitness business, but it won’t be enough by itself." - Lucy Wyndham

    Published: April 18th 2020

    Other basics, Training
    Posted 18 April 2020

    Alternative Workouts To Stay

    In Shape During The Pandemic

    Here are some exercises you can do right at home in the middle of your living room, and all you need is a workout mat. -

    Published: April 18th 2020

    Training, Other basics, Training Technique
    Posted 14 April 2020 by Simeon Panda

    Quarantine Workout: Simeon

    Panda Back Workout

    Quarantine Workout: Simeon Panda Back Workout

    Published: April 14th 2020

    Workouts, Training, Back Training
    Posted 07 April 2020 by CutAndJacked.com

    10 Of The Best Female Fitness

    Physiques On The Planet: Vol.2

    10 Of The Best Female Fitness Physiques On The Planet: Vol.2

    Published: April 7th 2020

    Female, Training, Best Of...
    Posted 03 April 2020 by Daniel DeMoss

    Complete Guide: Best Upper Body

    Calisthenics Workout Guide

    "Calisthenics is the foundation of all exercise routines. In fact, after witnessing a decrease of interest in the past, with all the new fitness machines coming up, recently, bodyweight exercises are back in the spotlight. And for good reason." - Daniel DeMoss

    Published: April 3rd 2020

    Training, Bodyweight Training, Exercises
    Posted 29 March 2020 by Street Workout St Kilda

    Calisthenics: The Future

    Of Bodyweight Training

    "The goal of calisthenics is to master movement. Yes, of course, there is a need for a basic level of strength that can only be achieved by smashing out repetitions. However, once you establish some basic strength, you will find new horizons." - Street Workout St Kilda

    Published: Mar 29th 2020

    Training, Bodyweight Training
    Posted 16 March 2020 by CutAndJacked.com

    Home Gym: 10 Benefits To

    Working Out At Home

    If you workout at home or have a home gym you control the environment and the cleanliness. No need to worry about contagious diseases and viruses.

    Published: Mar 16th 2020

    Posted 14 March 2020

    Recipe: Keto Chicken

    And Chorizo Stew

    A very enticing dish that the whole family will surely love. The herbs and spices present in this stew recipe enhanced the flavor of the dish. It is a perfect dinner meal on a cold night.

    Published: Mar 14th 2020

    Nutrition, Ketogenic Diet, Recipes