Posted 12 February 2015 by Ross Edgley

Whats Wrong With

Dirty Bulking?

"Of course intelligent periodization should form part of every person’s routine. But I typically draw people’s attention to the science around these crazy, 10,000 calorie a day ‘dirty bulks’…." - Ross Edgley
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Posted 18 October 2012 by Brandan Fokken

Healthy Bulking: 6 Foods To

Help Gain Mass Without Guilt

"Healthy bulking is all about eating an excess of the right quality foods that will minimize fat gain, maximize muscle growth, while keeping your joints, heart, and metabolism functioning in tip top shape" - Brandan Fokken
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Posted 21 January 2012 by Phil Learney

The Ultimate

Bulking Guide

"Complete guide to bulking: The key being to consume enough nutrients that the maximum amount of energy can be exerted in the gym and the maximum amount of protein can be turned over as new muscle tissue" - Phil Learney
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