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Posted 11 October 2014 by Renat

Bodybuilding Motivation:

Through The Pain

Bodybuilding Motivation: Through the pain
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Posted 08 October 2014 by

Photo Motivation:

Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin Gallery
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Posted 07 October 2014 by Sarah Anton

7 Tips To Get Motivated

For That Morning Workout

"Even though it’s very tempting sometimes to give in to that little voice and go back to bed, you can’t! You have goals to achieve and people to prove wrong, so you better get that morning workout in. Here are 7 useful tips that will get you off your feet and motivated for that morning workout." - Sarah Anton
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Posted 06 October 2014 by

Best Of Jason Statham

Photos And Quotes

“Your body is like a piece of dynamite. You can tap it with a pencil all day, but you'll never make it explode. You hit it once with a hammer: Bang! Get serious. Do 40 hard minutes, not an hour and half of nonsense. It's so much more rewarding.” - Jason Statham
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Posted 16 July 2014 by

Video: Excuses Are For

Those Who Need Them

Video: Welcome To The Grind - Excuses Are For Those Who Need Them
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Posted 11 June 2014 by Renat

Video: Bodybuilding

Motivation - Generations

Video: Bodybuilding Motivation - Generations
Training, Videos, Motivation, Motivational Videos
Posted 21 May 2014 by Tera Busker

MOTIVATION: Make Gratitude

Your Attitude

"Walk into the gym with a positive attitude. Be thankful that you can ask your body to do something and it will do it. Be grateful for the pride you feel after a great workout. And most of all, appreciate the amazing moments you will experience when you are grateful for what you have" - Tera Busker
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Posted 25 April 2014 by

Kai Greene Motivation:

Photos, Quotes And Video

"If you don’t have a dream, then you have nothing to work for, nothing to get up in the morning for, no reason.. and no purpose to be. But friends we do have a dream and dreams do come true not because we keep believing but we keep working hard" - Kai Greene
Training, Motivation, Best Of...
Posted 20 April 2014 by Tera Busker

6 Steps To Get

Hooked On Fitness

"The truth is, the “feel-good chemicals” released during high intensity workouts can leave you craving exercise. If you can reach the point where you yearn for that fitness “high” the way someone might desire coffee, motivation will no longer be an issue." - Tera Busker
Training, Motivation, Other basics
Posted 16 March 2014 by Renat

Video: Bodybuilding

Motivation - Picture in My Mind

Video: Bodybuilding Motivation - Picture in My Mind
Training, Motivation, Videos, Motivational Videos


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