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Posted 11 November 2011 by Pauline Nordin

Pauline Nordin's Top 5

Tips To Get Ripped

"Want to burn more calories? Add one set more on each exercise. If you add six different exercises that will yield six more minutes tops. In one week that might be 30 minutes more training which burns more calories for you." - Pauline Nordin
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Posted 09 November 2011 by Nick Nilsson

Super Intense Deadlift

Variations For More Muscle

"Deadlifts are a prime mass-building doubt about it! But if you’ve been doing them awhile, it might be time to try a few different training techniques to start a whole new growth spurt... These will definitely kick your butt!" - Nick Nilsson
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Posted 01 November 2011 by Josh Hewett

Take Control of Your Pain:

Natural Pain Relief Methods

"Not all pain is necessarily a bad thing. Quite often high levels of human performance are achieved by reaching outside of one’s comfort zone and testing the limits of the body’s pain tolerance." - Josh Hewett
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Posted 30 October 2011 by Brad Borland, MA, CSCS

How To Guide On:

Chiseling Rock-Hard Abs

"Along with a sound eating plan and a comprehensive training regimen sculpted, ripped-up abs can become a reality. This article will focus on the actual training regimen" - Brad Borland, MA, CSCS
Training, Abdominal Training, Exercises, Other basics, Tips, Training Technique, Weight Training
Posted 24 October 2011 by Matt Karstetter

Matt Karstetter’s 5 Tips That

Can Make all the Difference

"The pace of your reps should stay the same when going up or down. Slow the descent to add negative resistance for additional stimulation." - Matt Karstetter
Training, Exercises, Fat loss, Nutrition, Water & Hydration, Gain Muscle, Plateaus, Tips, Training Technique, Weight Training
Posted 20 October 2011 by Melih F. Cologlu

Shock Muscles Into Growth

With The SuperSlow Technique

"Super Slow is another method of lifting that many of the old school bodybuilders incorporated into their training in order to shock their muscles into new growth" - Melih F. Cologlu
Training, Exercises, Gain Muscle, Other basics, Plateaus, Tips, Training Technique, Weight Training
Posted 18 October 2011 by Brad Borland, MA, CSCS

Building Muscle & Burning Fat

Simultaneously - is it possible?

"The guidelines and plan included here are designed to help you not only keep, but build muscle while simultaneously burn body fat. It can be done with a little planning, discipline and hard work." - Brad Borland, MA, CSCS
Training, Nutrition, Diets, Gain Muscle, Lose fat, Nutrition Basics
Posted 15 October 2011 by Spencer Stamey

Spencer Stameys Top 5 Tips To

Achieving Your Ideal Physique

"Show commitment by always making the gym a priority. No Matter what is going on; make sure to get in your workout." - Spencer Stamey
Training, Tips, Training Technique
Posted 13 October 2011 by Renat

Video: Female Bodybuilding

And Fitness Motivation

Female Bodybuilding And Fitness Motivation
Videos, Motivational Videos, Training, Female Fitness & Motivation Videos, Female, Female Fitness & Motivation Videos, Female Specific Training, Motivation
Posted 09 October 2011 by Mr PreWorkout (MPW)

Motivational Video:

Till I Collapse

Motivational Video: Till I Collapse by Mr PreWorkout (MPW)
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