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Posted 15 March 2013 by Pauline Nordin

Video: Arm Growing Tips

By Pauline Nordin

Video: Reasons Your Arms Are Not Growing - Arm Growing Tips By Pauline Nordin
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Posted 14 March 2013 by Georgia Simmon UKBFF

Women: 9 Steps To Building

Beautiful Female Muscle

"Many women want to avoid lifting weights because they’re generally afraid of them or don’t understand how they are going to benefit from them. Simply: If you don’t lift weights you cannot sculpt your body in to the shape that you want it to be." - Georgia Simmons
Female, Female based articles, Training, Female Specific Training, Gain Muscle, Other basics, Tips, Training Technique, Weight Training
Posted 12 March 2013 by Brandan Fokken

Things You Don’t

Do In The Gym Part 2

Things you don’t do in the gym Part 2: "So you’ve been working out for three months? This does not make you an expert or a trainer. So do not pretend to be one. Don’t go around telling people what’s wrong with their workouts" - Brandan Fokken
Training, Other basics
Posted 07 March 2013 by Brad Borland, M.A., CSCS

No More Breaking The Bank:

Big results on a skinny budget

"This article will shed a little light on scheduling your time, finding ways to save money on food and supplements, convenient food preparation, and other little tricks to help you reach your goals a little easier." - Brad Borland, M.A., CSCS
Training, Nutrition, Nutrition Basics, Other basics, Tips
Posted 06 March 2013 by

Motivational Posters For

That Extra Boost You Need

Motivational posters to give you, and those you share them with that extra boost!!
Training, Motivation, Motivational Wallpapers And Quotes
Posted 23 February 2013 by Su Farrell, (Created by Phil Learney)

Part 3: Su Farrell's Competition

Prep - Training 6 weeks out

"Here is the last instalment of my training and nutrition. 6 weeks out." - Su Farrell
Female, Female based articles, Training, Workouts, Female workouts, Female Specific Training
Posted 18 February 2013 by Grant Lofthouse

Break Any Plateau With

The Barbell Complex

There are many ways to break through a plateau… Take a deload week where you perform about 40% of your previous week, change the program in terms of a different set and rep scheme or exercise variation. You can tag a barbell complex onto the end of your strength training program - Grant Lofthouse
Training, Exercises, Plateaus, Tips, Training Technique, Weight Training
Posted 12 February 2013 by Brandan Fokken

Transforming Your Physique:

Competition Prep Basics

"A lot goes into competition prep. Here are a few tips to help you through the prep process" - Brandan Fokken
Training, Other basics, Competition prep, Competition Prep
Posted 11 February 2013 by Renat

Video: MMA and Boxing

Motivation - Can't Be Touched

Video: MMA and Boxing Motivation - Can't Be Touched!
Videos, Motivational Videos, Training, Motivation
Posted 08 February 2013 by Alex Zinchenko

Sandbag Strength Training

For More Muscle

"Sandbag training is probably the second cheapest training option out there (after calisthenics, of course). So if you don’t have money for gym memberships or your own set of weights then you have a viable option now. No need to make excuses" - Alex Zinchenko
Training, Exercises, Gain Muscle, Other basics, Training Technique, Weight Training


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