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Workout Routine:

Fitness Model David Kimmerle


Warm up-stretching

Flat bar or Dumbbell chest press 4 sets of 10-15
Push-ups on knees or reg 4 sets of 10-15

Incline bar or dumbbell press 4 sets of 10-15
Cable fly’s 4 sets of 10-15

Machine dips or free dips 4 sets of 10-15
Machine or dumbbell fly’s 4 sets of 10-15


Triceps cable push down v bar 4 sets of 20-30
Triceps cable push down flat bar 4 sets of 20-30

Reverse grip cable push down flat bar 4 sets of 10-12
Bench dips feet on ground 4 sets of 10-30
Abdominals 25 mins hanging leg or knee ups-Sit ups in a machine, roman chairs

WORKOUT #2 - Back

Warm up and stretch abdominals -

Good mornings 3 sets of 20-15-10 Light to heavy
Dead lifts (light weight) 4 sets of 15-20

Chin ups (machine if needed) 4 sets of 5-15
Machine rows 4 sets of 15-20

Bent over rows wide grip bar 4 sets of 15-20
Lat machine pull downs 4 sets of 15-20
Single arm machine or dumbbell rows 4 sets of 2 minute each arm Stripping method

Superset abbs with calves
Roman chairs 5 sets of 25-35
Calf raises 5 sets of 25-35


Warm up-stretching --10 min on machine for cardio- treadmill, stepper, something you like...

Leg extensions 4 sets of 15-20
Leg curls 4 sets of 15-20

Front squats 4 sets of 15-20
Leg curls 4 sets of 15-20

Straight-leg dead lifts 4 sets of 10-15
Good mornings 4 sets of 10-12 Light weight
Calve machine 3 sets of 20-30
Calve raises standing 4 sets of 40


Warm up- Stretching-- 20 min calve presses and raises

Behind the neck barbell press 3 sets of 10-12
Lateral dumbbell raises 3 sets of 10-15

Front machine press 4 sets of 10-12
Bent over dumbbell raises 4 sets of 10-20

Seated reverse machine fly’s 3 sets of 15-20
Dumbbell shrugs side 3 sets of 15


Standing barbell flat bar curls 4 sets of 6-12 heavy
Machine for biceps 2 sets of 15-20
Preacher easy bar curl 2 sets of 10-12
Concentration dumbbell curl/hammer 3 sets of 10

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