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Posted 02 December 2011 by Nick Paniagua

CutAndJacked 5 Tips:

by Nick Paniagua

Quality Gains

What you eat and when you eat it are extremely important when trying to throw on quality size. For most, excess calories are key but some automatically think “Bulk” is eating everything in sight with no restrictions. The key word here is “Quality”, when we cut, we eat clean to get lean.. Why not still eat clean but raise your macros up with an extra meal or 2 throughout the day. What you take in daily will ultimately show on the outside of your body. When playing the gain game, eating at certain times, making sure you get enough calories in for the day are extremely important.. For some this can be crucial. If you are looking to gain quality size and if eating at certain times, morning, mid-morning, afternoon, pre and post workout etc. isn’t a priority, it definitely needs to become one. Quality gains are made by staying consistent in the kitchen and the gym.


We all envision what we’d like to look like in 1, 2, 3 years and the fact of the matter is that this takes time.. Just like everything else.
Patience is a must when it comes to this lifestyle we live. Many will give up due to the amount of hard work and patience the desired results require. No one said this would be easy, just know that nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment.

The Mind

For some, the brain is seen as an organ, see it as a muscle.. Strength starts in the mind. When it comes to a set you know is going to be challenging, prepare yourself, every rep counts. Tell yourself you’ll hit 8 reps and when you’re on your 7th, go for 9-10 reps and nothing less. It’s all in the mind, you can push past your limits.

Routine Switch Up

We all have our favorite movements but sometimes we forget how much our body and certain muscle groups will adapt to these favorite movements of ours, this is why it is extremely important to switch things up here and there, otherwise you will most likely hit a plateau.. A bodybuilder\fitness enthusiast’s worst enemy. Try to find other movements you might like to try every so often, shock your muscles as this will assist with new muscle growth.


Most of us who live this lifestyle hate days off from the gym but they are definitely necessary. Our muscles grow when we rest, therefore a day off here and there are just as important if not more important than training days. Muscle will never grow without recovery. You know when your body needs rest or if a certain muscle group is still extremely sore, don’t push it, the last thing you want to do is over train.

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